3 Tips For Setting Up Your Kitchen For Healthier Eating


To start eating healthy, you really need to put yourself in an environment that’s going to set you up for success. Knowing this, it’s wise to rethink how you approach your kitchen in order to give yourself the best chance of eating healthier.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for setting up your kitchen for healthier eating. 

Store Sweets Out Of Sight

The way and places that you store your food should be reconsidered if you want to encourage yourself to eat more healthy foods and less junk food.

According to Kelsey Butler, a contributor to CNet.com, one of the best rules to follow when storing food in your kitchen is out of sight, out of mind. This can work two different ways. The first thing you should try is storing any junk food that you’re keeping, especially sweets, so that they’re out of sight when you first walk into the kitchen. This might mean having to rearrange your kitchen cabinets so that you have space to store more items in there. Additionally, you should try to keep healthier foods, like fruit, where you can easily see them in the kitchen. 

Inventory What You Need To Eat

For the healthy food that you don’t want to keep visible to you when you walk into the kitchen, or for items that need to stay in the refrigerator, Becky Harris, a contributor to Houzz.com, suggests that you keep an inventory of what food you have and what needs to be eaten. Ideally, you should post this inventory somewhere that you can easily see when you’re in the kitchen.

By doing this, you’ll know exactly what healthy foods you have on-hand that need to be eaten. Then, you can go straight for those options rather than looking all throughout the fridge or cupboards until you find something that looks good. 

Keep Food Organized

Another trick of people who eat healthier at home, according to Erin Bunch, a contributor to WelAndGood.com, is keeping your food well organized in its storage space. 

If you’re able to keep your food well organized, you’ll easily be able to see what you have and cycle through the food that’s needing to be eaten. When shelves get cluttered with food, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and resort to eating food that seems convenient to you, which isn’t always the healthiest option. 

If you’re wanting to eat healthier but feel like everytime you go into your kitchen, you can’t help but make unhealthy food decisions, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you set up your kitchen for more success with your diet. 

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