3 Top Jobs in Health Care


Health care is a rewarding career field. It gives you the opportunity to help other people in a meaningful way. There will always be a need for medical care, so health care jobs tend to offer reliable security. Not only that, but they also tend to pay fairly well.

Health care is a wide field, so much so that it is subdivided into various specialties. Different jobs in the medical field require various levels of education. Once you receive the necessary training, healthcare staffing Chicago IL can help you find a position in your chosen field or specialty.

1. Speech-Language Pathologist

Also called a speech therapist, becoming a speech-language pathologist requires a two-year graduate degree. This allows you to obtain your license to practice. Once licensed, you can work in a variety of settings to help people with speech difficulties, language delays, and/or problems swallowing. You have the choice to work with people of any age, whether elderly people with dementia or children with language delays.

2. Physician Assistant

Physician assistants work under the supervision of a doctor but perform many of the same tasks. They do not perform surgery, but they can assist the surgeon during an operation. PAs, as they are often called, may see patients on their own and provide diagnoses and treatments. Becoming a physician assistant requires less extensive education than becoming a doctor. It involves a master’s degree program involving coursework in a classroom as well as clinical work in the field. The program takes approximately two years to complete.

3. Dentist

Dentists treat diseases of the mouth as well as performing diagnostic and preventative treatments, such as X-rays, examinations, and cleanings. A dentist is a doctor but does not have a medical degree. Becoming a dentist involves attending a dental school after obtaining your undergraduate degree. You will need good grades in premedical undergraduate coursework as well as a passing grade on the Dental Admission Test and letters of recommendation from your undergraduate instructors.

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