6 Reasons Why You Need a Primary Care Doctor


Your primary care doctor is a lot more than a general practitioner. They can be your partner in health, offering diagnosis, treatment, and management of the common cold and weight gain, autism, infertility, and addiction. A primary care doctor may also help you explore new medical careers and find financial assistance to pay for prescription drugs. You can search for the best doctors for primary care in South Charleston to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Given all the reasons below, it’s easy to see why a primary care doctor should be part of your health care team.

1. Decrease Your Risk for Disease

A primary care doctor can help you take control of your health by creating an individualized prevention plan. They can also help you avoid potentially dangerous mistakes, such as mixing medications. A primary care doctor will work with other members of your health care team to decrease your risks for disease and injury and improve the quality of your life.

2. Deliver Personalized Care

A primary care doctor should know about everything that affects your health–especially if it’s outside the scope of other providers’ expertise. If you’re exploring new careers, your primary care doctor can help assess whether a career change is physically feasible.

3. Identify Risks Early

Your primary care doctor can screen for hereditary disorders. If a child in your family has a disorder, your doctor could talk with other specialists about whether genetic counseling or testing would help your child understand their disease.

4. Help You Manage Your Health

If you’re interested in making lifestyle changes, your primary care doctor can help you develop realistic and sustainable plans. They can also help you find assistance with weight gain, alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse, mental illness, and dietary choices that might be interfering with your health.

5. Be Your Guide to Health Care

They are your gateway to all of the health care services you need. If you get sick, your doctor will know how to help you without ordering unnecessary tests or procedures. You can also visit your doctor for routine checkups and evaluations.

6. Treat Your Family

Your primary care doctor can become an extension of your family. Your doctor helps keep you healthy and can also be the one to evaluate your children’s health. If you’re planning a pregnancy, your doctor can provide preconception counseling, which may prevent potential complications. When little ones come along, your primary care doctor can monitor their growth and development.

If any of these reasons sound appealing to you, it’s time to visit a primary care doctor so you can take a stand for your health.

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