Adapt Your Beauty Regime To Suit The Season


Surely the summer season make you miserable and terrifying. You may be dehydrate, your hair and your beauty regime requiring an overhaul. Here are some points to ponder.

1-Helping hands:

To help eradicate unsightly sun spots that may have appeared on your hands during the season, use any helpful formula to relief them. Most of the moisture-rich formula contains Beta carotene & mulberry extract, which regulates the production of melanin, the skin tanning pigment, to help rectify discoloration.

2-Spirit reviver:

Put your lightweight summer fragrance away and lift your spirit with a richer, warmer aroma. Scent containing essence of cinnamon, geranium, juniper, sandalwood, rosewood and neroli will help ward off the rough season as these essences are reputed to have reviving properties.

3-Glowing health:

Prolong radiance by smoothing on fake tan, which quickly color white hydrating the skin. Those with an oily complexion should opt for a gel formulation, which should be lighter on the skin. For the body use a moisture-rich preparation. It creates a subtle golden glow its idea as color-enhancing daily moisture.

4-Re-hydrating mask:

If your skin feels tight and dry as a result of too much sun or from the onset of the bad weather, treat it with a re-hydrating mask. The mask will gently cleanse the skin and help restore moisture content.

5- Body bliss:

Just your body is hidden under layers of clothing; it’s no excuse to neglect it. Use an ultra-rich body lotion to keep the skin’s moisture levels topped.

6-Lip service:

Lip balm is a must have if want to avoid dry, chapped lips use any suitable cream stick. It can be used to treat the lips, while doubling as a quick- fix for dry cuticles.

  1. Moisture boost:

Swap light weight summer moisture with a richer formation. Exposure to harsh weather and central healing pollution can sap essential hydration from the complexion, so look for a moisturizer that will regulate the skin’s natural moisture levels.

8-Circulation workout:

The rough summer play havoc with your circulation. Treat the feet to a regular message, it will benefit the whole body and jump-start blood flow. Knead into the sole of the feet, exerting pressure on the tip of each toe, and then use sweeping motions to work over the tops of the feet. Alternatively rub your feet over a wooden roller. It will give you a reflexology style workout.

9-Color change:

Always customize your foundation to suit the season, it your existing summer base is too dark to suit bad season pallor, try mixing it with different shades to produce a paler look. Choose a light reflective white base, with your foundation, for a brighter look.

10-Face spritzers:

If you used a mineral water spray to freshen your face and set your make-up switches to a hydrating formula to reinforce the skin’s moisture-retaining abilities.

11-Frizz fix:

Switch your normal hair conditioner to a leave in formulation if your hair is prone to frizziness. Form a moisture repelling shield on the hair shaft to keep atmospheric moisture out.

12-Lipstick switch:

Update last season lip color by slicking on a top coat of prescriptive lip polish. This metallic gold gloss can be worn over any shade of lipstick to give a modern finish or it can be used to add high shine to nude lips.

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