All you Need to Know About Crystals


Since the turn of the century, there has been a notable shift from typical western medical practices, which focus mainly on medication, and the use of crystals has increased, as more and more people discover the healing powers of these amazing stones. There are many different types of crystals; with all kinds of shapes and sizes, and the first thing you will learn after working with crystals is to trust your inner feelings, which is the very essence of putting these amazing stones to good use.

Crystal Shapes

Although it is believed that crystals energise a person spiritually, regardless of its shape, there are advantages to using specific shaped crystals. Common shaped used are:

  • Spheres – One of the most common shapes, the sphere emits positive energy through 360 degrees, which is one of the reasons spheres (or globes) are preferred.
  • Pyramids – The geometric shape of a pyramid has long been used by ancient civilisations, including the Aztecs and the Egyptians, who believed that this mystic shape would focus their spiritual intentions into the universe in a concentrated beam.
  • Cube – The cube crystal is associated with the chakra root – this powerful crystal can help to create a calm ambience – and when placing a cube in each corner of a room, it’s energy increases.

Crystal Clusters

In very much its natural form, the cluster has many points, which all give out positive energy and having a nice cluster in the office is a great way to maintain that hi-energy buzz. The topic of crystals is fascinating, indeed, you are advised to carry out some online research into crystals and the types of energy they can induce, plus when you are ready to make some purchases, a quick Google search will take you to Australia’s leading online supplier of crystals and other natural healing elements, such as Karma Living, who stock essential oils, scented candles, incense and many more natural healing products.

Tumbled Stones

Very practical, tumbled stones are smooth shapes that are small enough to fit a few in your pocket, and you can play around with the stones during quiet moments, charging your positive energy field. Tumbled stones are recommended for a beginner and they can be found with the online supplier, who has a wide range of crystals, including tumbled stones – all at affordable prices and delivered to your door.

Setting Intentions

An integral part of using crystals is to set your intentions; the things you want to happen in your life, the goals you have, and while this might sound a bit mystical, it is imperative that you have specific goals or intentions, and merely ten minutes a day thinking about these, with some visualisation, will give the power of your crystal something to direct towards.

Getting in Touch with your Inner Self

This is the key to successfully using crystals; defining yourself and what will make you happy, and with regular mini-meditation sessions using your crystals, you will gradually become in touch with your spiritual side. It is important to understand the bigger picture and see crystals as tools to amplify a natural power that we all have, and crystals and visualisation techniques are behind the success and happiness of many.

Crystals come in many forms and the best place to begin your quest for the right selection of crystals to start would be a Google search, and when you find what you think will work for you, a secure online payment will see the stones despatched to your home address.

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