Effective Ways to Eliminate Spider Veins and Flaunt a Smooth Skin


When you have excess pressure in your veins, the chances are high that the blood vessels will dilate. Unfortunately, the aftermath will not resolve independently without medical attention. Dr. Bhusri is a cardiovascular disease professional specializing in treating patients with various conditions including spider veins in New York. Though the web-like faulty veins are harmless, you may opt to eliminate them for aesthetic purposes. Though you cannot prevent spider veins from occurring, moving may help minimize your risks. Your doctor might advise you to walk for approximately 15minutes to minimize the pressure you exert on your venous system.

Are spider veins similar to varicose veins?

The two vein malfunctions are different forms of venous insufficiency. Though both conditions result from weakened valves in your veins, spider veins and varicose veins have varying symptoms. Spider veins are usually thin, small, flat or slightly lumpy and painless. Most spider veins appear purple, blue or red. On the other hand, varicose veins are more profound with a twisted and lumpy appearance. Like varicose veins, you are at an increased rate of developing spider veins because of pregnancy, genetics, age, weight or previous vein damage.

How does sclerotherapy help treat spider veins?

The procedure prompts your doctor to inject an irritant into your affected vein. The irritant antagonizes the walls of the spider veins, sticking them together. As a result, blood stops flowing in the area, thus minimizing swelling and shrinking the veins. Besides sclerotherapy, the medical expert might also recommend a closure system to treat spider veins. Similar to sclerotherapy, the closure system also entails injecting your affected veins. The sticky substance your healthcare provider uses during the closure system cuts blood flow through the vein, forcing it to disappear over time. However, you might need more than a single appointment to achieve your desired results. After either procedure, your doctor will advise you to wear compression stockings for a few weeks.

Are spider veins cosmetic or health concerns?

Spider veins can both be a health concern and a cosmetic issue. The webbed veins can make your legs look unpleasant, drawing people’s attention. However, you might be having an underlying issue in your deeper vessels when the veins have accompanying symptoms like fatigue, itchiness and leg heaviness. Though the condition may not be life-threatening, your doctor will advise you to go for an evaluation to minimize the venous issue from worsening.

How can your doctor treat varicose veins?

When you have no symptoms accompanying your varicose veins, the medical professional may treat the faulty veins for their appearance. While the medical expert will most likely recommend sclerotherapy to address the veins on your legs, he might not suggest the treatment when addressing the delicate lines on your face. Instead, the healthcare provider may heat the facial spider veins, causing them to shut from inside.

Thin, colored lines on your legs or face are an indication of spider veins. The squiggly web-like veins close to your skin surface are rarely an indication of a severe underlying condition. As a result, most people treat them for aesthetic concerns. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with your doctor when the veins start having symptoms.

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