Fighting Dental Problems: Maintaining Good Oral Health


No matter if you’re an adult or a child, you are not immune to dental problems. Oral health means more than just fresh breath and white teeth though. You need to really pay attention to the condition of your mouth since it can reflect the state of your body.

Good oral care means a mouth that looks healthy and smells great. Here are some ways in maintaining it:

  • Frequent brushing

You may have brushed your teeth today, but are you doing it every day? Most of us tend to forget because we’re too exhausted at night or are trying to avoid the rush hour during mornings. But you should make it a habit to lessen your risk of contracting serious diseases. Brush your teeth the traditional way (i.e. after every meal) to protect your mouth from common dental issues. Make sure to include the gums, the roof and the cheek as bacteria is present all over your mouth. Also, do it slowly and gently to prevent damaging your gums. Change your toothbrush every two to three months and choose one with soft bristles.

If you neglect having the right oral care, there is a tendency for plaque to build up around your teeth and cause cavities. These can lead to destruction of the bone and tissue supporting your teeth and could result in tooth loss. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you, right? Then, make brushing a habit.

  • Regular Flossing

Brushing alone doesn’t make your mouth completely healthy. Flossing is a good way of removing food particles which your toothbrush or your mouthwash could not reach. Sometimes you forget to do this after brushing your teeth so it’s better to keep both your toothbrush and floss in one place. It is a healthy habit to floss at least once a day to make sure that your mouth is free from particles that can cause acid and bacteria build up. It’s normal to find it irritating at first, but just keep going. After all, it is for making your gums much stronger.

  • Regular Check up

In addition to good dental care at home, look for a dentist you can trust and schedule regular meetings with them. For example, if you are living in South Africa, look for Cape Town dentists who can provide you with frequent dental checkups and professional teeth cleaning. Making appointments with your specialists can highly lessen the risk of having serious oral diseases.

  • Ditch the sugar

Sweet foods are not always nice, especially to your teeth. Sugar lets bacteria spread fast and promotes acid build up leading to tooth decay. So limit drinking soda, coffee, and alcohol. If you really want to drink carbonated beverages, use a straw to minimise contact with your teeth. Choose beverages like milk, which provide you with calcium that strengthens your bones and teeth. Also, stay hydrated by drinking the recommended amount of water.

  • Quit smoking

You’ve probably heard it not just from your doctor, but from your dentist as well. Cigarette contains nicotine and tar that can cause heavy damage on your gums and increase the risk of tooth loss. Smoking can stain your teeth and cause bad breath. It may even bring about serious illnesses such as lung cancer and heart disease. There is also the likely occurrence of eating candy or drinking coffee after smoking in order to disperse the bad odour so the damage is doubled. The longer you stick to smoking, the more you are to get sick so quit while you can.

Everyone wants to have a great smile and fresh breath. By maintaining good oral health, you can now look good and feel healthy always!

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