Food and Bodybuilding: 9 Food for a Maximum


Healthy eating is essential for staying healthy and getting fit! Intensive training with the adidas Training app requires a suitable diet, both to recharge your batteries and to obtain the best possible results. Here are 9 foods that will give you strength and help you gain muscle!


Legumes are packed with protein and fiber. Lentils for example are particularly rich in protein: 100 g of dry lentils provide around 25 g. Their fiber intake is not negligible either: 100 g covers half of the daily requirement (30 g). How about a good red lentil curry after training?


The egg is rightly the food par excellence of mass gain! A chicken egg delivers about 7 g of protein. In addition, its biological value approaches 100. What does this mean? The higher the biological value, the closer the protein in the food is to body protein and the more the body can transform it into muscle mass. Two hard-boiled eggs happen to be a perfect example of a snack after weight training.


All athletes should bet on linseed oil. It is extremely nourishing, it protects the heart and the brain and has anti-inflammatory effects thanks to its high content of omega 3. Warning: a cold pressed linseed oil should always be kept in the fridge!


Quinoa is an ideal food to satiate athletes dedicated to bodybuilding. 100 g of quinoa contains 15 g of vegetable proteins. In addition, these seeds are particularly rich in magnesium (275 mg), a mineral that plays an important role in muscle contraction. Did it make you want? Then try our colorful quinoa salad recipe!


Ginger not only strengthens the immune system, but also improves blood circulation to the muscles (and therefore helps to fight muscle pain!) And facilitates the elimination of lactic acid in muscle tissue. This Asian Mt-Time also helps you recover quickly to be fit with each workout.


Protein cottage cheese pancakes are ideal for breakfast, especially when you are training. Why? This dairy product is low in calories, provides high quality protein and carbohydrates. In addition, cottage cheese contains the essential amino acid tryptophan. This is responsible for a good night’s sleep, crucial for those who want to be efficient.


Are you looking for a natural product that gives you fishing? Coffee increases blood pressure and heart rate, which helps optimize your training capacity. But don’t overdo it! An espresso is recommended before a workout, however do not add milk or sugar!


Small but powerful! Blueberries are low in calories: 100 g provide about 40 kcal. In addition, these purple berries are antioxidant: they fight against the free radicals of the body, which is particularly important for more performance in training. They are absolutely delicious in a smoothie or simply mixed with oatmeal or plain yogurt.


Nuts and seeds are essential for building muscle. They are rich in protein and fat. Nuts are particularly rich in unsaturated fatty acids.


A healthy diet and an adequate intake of calories are just as important as an intensive training for mass gain. Regularly include the 9 foods above in your meals and the results will come soon.

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