How Body Composition Analysis Can Help You Get Fit


Some of the ways in which physical fitness is measured do not provide a comprehensive enough picture to determine health or ease of movement for specific activities. The body mass index, BMI, is a comparison between height and weight often used by doctors. Two people with the same height and BMI may have different levels of body fat, muscle mass and physical fitness. Measurements which tell you how much muscle, body fat and water weight you have, such as body composition analyses, are more accurate and can help you get in better shape.

Determine Current Statistics

One of the biggest health benefits of a body comp analysis Warwick RI clinic is that it can show you what your current percentage of body fat is and where the concentrations are the highest. This is a good marker for physicians and wellness experts because it can show you whether your percentage is too low or too high. These are important health factors as too little body fat can lead to bone density loss and infertility issues; and, having too much body fat can increase your chances of heart disease and other conditions.

Pinpoint Problem Areas

A body comp analysis will also tell you where your muscle, water weight and body fat are distributed. This can help pinpoint areas to work on for healthy weight loss, but it can also give physicians a better idea of where to focus for physical therapy or general fitness. For example, higher percentages of body fat above the waist for men means a higher chance of heart health risks, while a lower percentage of muscle in the core means a higher chance of back pain and related conditions.

While not as complete a picture of health on its own, a body comp analysis is a more detailed report than using weight or BMI to determine health. This analysis can help you see if you have a healthy percentage of body fat, if the concentrations are in problematic areas and even how to move forward with diets and exercise.

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