Importance of Weight Management


When most people are asked why they are required to manage weight, you will be surprised by their responses. Some think that weight management makes you feel and look better, but this is not the only reason. It is also essential for your wellbeing and overall health. Weight management in Lady Lake involves using healthy weight-loss strategies to ensure you are living a healthy lifestyle. The specialists in the facility also ensure that you attain your weight loss goals permanently.

Why is weight management critical?

When one is obese or overweight, they are at risk of developing a wide range of health conditions. High blood sugars, high blood pressure, gallstones, high cholesterol levels, obstructive apnea, and breathing problems are some of the health concerns that obese people are likely to have. These conditions also result in other diseases, including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and cancers.  Excess weight can also impact you negatively by affecting your wellbeing and happiness. Personalized weight management treatments are offered to reduce any risk of developing a health condition and regenerating your overall health.

How does weight management work?

Resetting your body’s metabolism is one of the practices in a weight loss program to ensure that your weight stabilizes.  A personalized program involving counseling, education, and one-on-one support is used to help you attain your individual weight loss goals. Doing so enables you to learn and understand the need for any lifestyle and diet adjustments and stick to them permanently. You can learn the following through your nutritional coach:

First, you can identify and understand what you are currently eating and drinking. In case you are overfeeding or underfeeding, you are required to go through the second step, which includes you learning what you are supposed to eat and drink. A personalized daily food plan is used to determine the type, amount, and composition of foods and drinks you are required to consume.

In addition to lifestyle and dietary changes, your weight management program may also include some injectable doses of HCG hormone. It is a hormone used to lose three times the amount of weight you would lose per week. You are also given some guidance to enable you to lose excess fats, as opposed to muscle and structural fats, which play a crucial role in cushioning and protecting bones and vital organs in your body.

How does HCG help with weight loss?

HCG is one of the hormones that is produced by the body during pregnancy. Even though this hormone is produced during pregnancy, it can be administered to both men and women to lose excess weight. When used for weight loss purposes, HCG is used to stimulate the brain to stabilize and rapidly release diet-resistant and hard to lose fats. Similarly, it also enables you to reset the number of calories you can eat and burn them after reaching your ideal weight.

In a nutshell, there is no problem with you visiting or calling Integrated Family Medical Center today or schedule an appointment online for more information on practical weight management strategies. Various lifestyle and diet changes are encouraged to ensure you permanently manage your weight.

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