Invest In Your Skin


Skin diseases are among those issues that can harm one’s emotional and physical health. If affected, you need a qualified physician to offer the correct treatment to improve your condition rather than make it worse. Chevy Chase moles/nevi specialist Dr. Ali Hendi, MD, prides himself in using cutting-edge Mohs and reconstructive surgical techniques to treat skin illnesses and get the best results. Some of the skin disorders he handles include melanoma, skin cancer, and basal cell carcinoma, explained in detail below.

1.      Melanoma

Do you have a new spot on your skin or a spot that has altered in color, size, or shape? You most likely have melanoma, a rare type of skin cancer that begins in the melanocytes and spreads throughout your body. These types of skin cancer can also leave you with strange spots or patches that don’t seem like any other development on your skin. Early-stage melanomas are commonly treated with surgery to remove the tumor, but more advanced melanomas may necessitate surgery and additional treatments. Dr. Ali Hendi and his team have the experience and advanced laboratory procedures to perform Mohs surgery on melanoma. Mohs surgery combined with specific stains known as IHC results in a very high success rate for early-stage melanoma. There are other ways of treating melanoma, and therefore the doctor will customize your treatment based on the stage of your skin cancer and other factors.

2.      Skin cancer

If you discover a suspicious-looking mole or bulge, be checked because it might be skin cancer. The most frequent cancer in the world is skin cancer. If you’re at risk for skin cancer, Dr. Ali Hendi and his staff recommend performing regular skin checks to discover it early when it’s most treatable. Your therapy will be determined by the type of skin cancer you have, as well as its stage, location, and other considerations. One of the treatments the doctor may propose is Mohs surgery for basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas, which has a cure rate of 99 percent. Other treatments include anti-cancer creams, laser surgery, and cryotherapy. The physician and his team will walk you through all of the treatment options available for the type of skin cancer that you may have.

3.      Basal cell carcinoma

Unhealed sores or elevated reddish growths characterize basal cell carcinoma. Basal cell carcinoma is very uncomfortable and most commonly found on the head, neck, or face, although it can occur elsewhere in the body. The doctor examines the color, size, shape, and texture of the suspicious area.  The physician may perform a skin biopsy if he feels your growth is malignant. A biopsy entails numbing the area and removing a small tissue sample for examination under a microscope. Dr. Ali Hendi may perform the Mohs surgery, which is a highly successful therapy. After that, the tissue is checked under a microscope to ensure that all cancer has been removed.

The majority of skin disorders are mild; some can signal a more significant problem. Dr. Ali Hendi and his staff take pleasure in providing compassionate skincare to patients. Call doctor Ali Hendi now or request a consultation online for expert diagnosis and treatment.

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