Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth? Here’s What You Should Know


Vaping is a new trend that is slowly replacing cigarettes with the younger smoking crowd. There’s a lot of fun when choosing to vape over traditional cigarettes because there are so many flavors without the nasty after smell of cigarettes. While many are under the impression that vaping is a “healthier” alternative to cigars and cigarettes, is there any truth about this notion when it comes to the health of your teeth?

Studies about the vaping trend haven’t been explored in depth as of today. Meanwhile, here are a few facts about the effects of vaping on your teeth and general oral health:

Fact: Oral Risks Are Lower, But Not Zero

When it comes to habits like smoking and vaping, Reston dentists will be the first to tell you not to engage in them. Although there is evidence that vaping is not as dangerous to oral health when compared to smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco, there are still some risks worth considering.

Fact: Vaping Leads To Bacteria Build-Up On Teeth And Gums

The scent and flavors that are commonly associated with e-cigs or vapes are usually made using some type of e-juice ingredient. These additives are the perfect food source for bacteria to thrive inside the mouth of a vape user. Studies done back in 2018 shows that people who use c-cigarettes with additives tend to have an increased amount of bacteria in their mouth, especially in crevices and pits of their teeth.

Bacteria growth inside within the teeth and gums can lead to dental problems such as cavities and tooth decay.

Fact: Dry Mouth Is A Problem

Propylene glycol is another prominent ingredient used in vape flavors that can cause oral health issues. The substance tends to cause dry mouth for frequent users and when the use of vape is continued, this can lead to chronic bad breath, tooth decay, and even mouth sores.

It is best to consult with your Reston dentists when signs of dry mouth have begun to affect your daily life. Do not wait until the problem progresses further before seeking professional help or quitting the habit.

Fact: May Cause Mouth Irritation

Due to the different chemicals and ingredients used in vapes, it is not uncommon for users to experience mouth irritation. Symptoms such as inflamed gums, redness, tenderness, and swelling should raise some concerns. If you have experienced any of these symptoms when vaping, it is best to stop usage and consult with a dentist or doctor before the symptoms get worse.

Fact: Vaping Increase Cell Death

In a different study about vaping, it has been noted that when teeth and gums are exposed to aerosols like those in e-cigarettes, their cell tissues end up dying sooner and regeneration is often slower. Inflammation and the damage in the DNA structure will eventually lead to more serious health issues like bone loss, tooth loss, and other periodontal diseases.

When it comes to smoking versus vaping, both habits come with their own pros and cons. To ensure your teeth and gums are healthy, lessen your smoking and vaping frequency and see your dentist regularly.

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