Neck Lift Benefits and What to Expect During the Treatment


Your neck is among the first areas that scream your age. The fatty jowls, horizontal creases, turkey wattle, and vertical banding all join forces to make you appear older than you feel deep inside. In such a case, a neck lift can be the best procedure to enhance your appearance and give your neck a dramatic transformation. Your Scottsdale neck lift specialist, Dustin Heringer, MD, restores your appearance by smoothing the skin beneath the neck and along your jawline. The procedure enhances your neck’s appearance by tightening excess skin and sagging neck muscles to give your jawline a sharp contour. Though your doctor may perform a neck lift in conjunction with other treatments like liposuction, cheek lift, or a facelift, the specialist may also complete the process as a stand-alone procedure to improve your neck’s appearance.   

When should you consider going for a neck lift?

A neck lift can dramatically improve aging signs in your neck. The treatment will tighten and lift sagging skin in your neck to make your neck look younger.  You are likely to consider the treatment when you want to:

  •         Restore your jawline
  •         Eliminate wrinkles and baggy skin on your neck
  •         Remove a turkey wattle that makes you appear old
  •         Eliminate excess fat on your neck

Who is eligible for the procedure?

Everyone has unique anesthetic goals. Before the process, your care provider will assess your general health and discuss your cosmetic expectations and goals. You will be a good candidate when your care provider ascertains you are in good health and have a desirable attitude with realistic goals.   

You may want to contact your cosmetic surgeon for a neck lift when:

  •         Your desire to have a sleek, youthful neck that has a distinct jawline separating your face from your neck
  •         Your neck has unnecessary lines and folds
  •         You have sagging skin and excess fat on your neck

What should you expect during the procedure?

Liposuction is the best procedure your doctor might recommend if your only dissatisfaction with your neck is excess fat. During the treatment, your surgeon will make a small incision under your chin and behind each ear. He will then use special equipment to suction fat from your jawline and beneath your chin. The professional will then tighten your platysma muscles and sew them together before trimming away excess fat and skin. Using sutures, your care provider will reposition and secure your skin and tissue before closing the incisions.  

 Though liposuction will result in a more defined neck, your surgeon cannot use the procedure to correct your neck’s structural issues. However, the professional will recommend the best surgical procedure basing on your esthetic goals and your neck dissatisfaction.

Bruising and swelling are typical with a neck lift. Therefore, your doctor will suggest you wear a special garment that will help compress your neck and minimize swelling. You might also need to elevate your head above your heart and desist from bending or twisting your neck for some time.   

Besides enhancing your appearance, a neck lift can also boost your self-confidence. However, you must have realistic goals and expectations. Discuss your options with the experts and learn about the procedure beforehand. Call your doctor today if you are worried about excess fat and skin on your neck. 

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