Neck Pain Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment


Neck pain is a discomfort that is experienced around the neck. Sometimes the irritation can spread and be felt at the shoulders. Neck pain occurs when there is an irritation on any of the nerves of the cervical spine. You can visit surgeon Steve Paragioudakis, who deals with the treatment of neck pain in Shrewsbury. So what are the causes of neck pain, its diagnosis, and the various treatments?

Causes of Neck Pain

Excess tension and strain of neck muscles

There are specific activities that you do that increase the strain on your neck. Poor posture when sitting may result in excess tension on the channel that consequently causes neck pain. Poor sleeping positions may have the same effect on your neck and cause neck pain. Sitting without changing your posture strains the neck too, and you may risk having neck pains.


Meningitis is a medical issue that may cause neck pain. Meningitis occurs when the thin tissue around the brain and spinal cord gets an inflammation. As a result, those that have meningitis will experience neck pains. Meningitis is caused by either a viral infection or bacteria.


You can experience neck injuries that may be responsible for getting neck pains. Sports, automotive accidents, or serious falls can cause neck injuries. Such injuries may fracture some of the bones located around the neck. The level of neck pain caused by injuries depends on the seriousness of the damage.

Cervical Stenosis

Cervical stenosis is when the spinal root passes through the neck because the spinal root is very small for the spinal cord. One of the symptoms of cervical stenosis is severe neck pain.


If you experience neck pain, you must visit a neck pain specialist to get a diagnosis. The diagnosis will confirm whether you have a neck injury and the seriousness of the neck pain. The following are some of the diagnoses of neck pains.

X-rays- the x-rays are performed on the neck to determine whether there are any fractures on the vertebrate or areas surrounding the neck.

MRI scans They can determine fractures, tumors, or growth that may be the cause of your neck pain.

Electromyography- This procedure will enable the medical specialist to determine the health of the muscles and the nerves around the neck.



Some of the neck pains are caused by infections. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics to counter the infection.

Neck Collar

Depending on the pain level, a doctor may require you to have a neck collar around the neck. Neck collars are very common to individuals that have had injuries caused by accidents.


The neck pain specialists may need to perform surgery to treat the pain.

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Some neck pains may be mild, while others are severe. Get professional help and get diagnosed to avoid serious health conditions. Book a consultation with the team of medical experts at the center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine. You will get all the treatment you may need.

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