No scars soap and face wash is an effective treatment for scars


Acne and pimples are a common problem amongst teenagers. The life has become so hectic and busy. There is no time for taking care of skin. Thus neglecting the basic hygiene gives rise to problem of acne and this acne in turn give rise to scars. The children are have developed a liking for fried foods as they are so engrossed in the making of their career that they go for quickly prepared foods and packed foods. These foods are not healthy. Instead of drinking healthy drinks they resort to unhealthy caffeinated drinks which aggravate this problem.

  1. No scar night soap has a miraculous effect on the scars if used regularly. The soap has almond oil which is rich in vitamin A, C, E follicle acid, choline, vitamin B12 , minerals like zinc and magnesium. Coco and fatty acid works as an excellent massage oil and smoothness the skin. The good fats, coconut oil retain moisture on the skin. The skin does not remain dry. The coconut contains coconut oil which has protein. As we all know that proteins are responsible for growth. The proteins help in repairing the skin, keeping it healthy. The skin remains rejuvenated. The citric acid contains alpha hydroxy acids which exfoliates the skin, removing the dead skin cells in pores. It loosens the damaged skin tissues and removes it. The skin looks healthy and young. The complexion becomes vivacious. The almond oil which contains A and E helps in hydration of skin, removing the blackheads and white heads.
  2. No scars soap for acne scars should be used according to the directions on the pack. One should wash the hands before applying the face was as bacteria on hands worsen the condition. The face should be cleaned by using a little amount of face wash. The soap should be applied on forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. It should be massaged with a gentle hand. It should not be rubbed vigorously. Leave the soap for some time and washed with ample water. One should not be in hurry while washing the soap as it takes to remove the traces of soap. Don’t use in high concentration as it will harm the skin. One should avoid broken areas on the face as it is but irritating. Keep it away from reach of children. Don’t let it enter eyes and mouth. It hurts on first application but constant removes this problem.
  3. The outer package shows all the directions of using the soap. The soap is transparent in color. It should be applied twice in a day preferably once
    in morning and once in evening. This soap has no greasy effect after the wash. It makes the skin smooth. The skin does not feel right or excessively dry. Every product has its side effects like it hurts on first application but one should not lose hope. Its constant use removes the scars. One would surely go for this medicated soap and get rid of the scars and live a confident life.
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