Pixel Laser Treatments is Doing Great Addressing Skin Issues


Several factors, such as aging, can lead to uneven skin texture and tone. The sun’s UV light can also harm your skin. All these will only leave you unhappy about your appearance. Fortunately, even if you fear surgery, you don’t have to live with the skin damage any more. Manhattan Dermatology’s team of highly skilled general and cosmetic dermatologists offers Fraxel in New York and can help you. This is a typical laser treatment that can address all your skin imperfections and improve how you feel about yourself.

It is a noninvasive skin resurfacing procedure that can improve your skin’s tone and texture and minimize scarring and sun damage. It is a dual system that involves microscopic laser columns to penetrate deep below your skin’s surface to stimulate collagen production. This treatment option treats a fraction of tissue at a time without affecting the surrounding tissues. This makes your recovery pretty fast.

Concerns Manageable by Fraxel Laser System

As noted, Fraxel laser treatment can help you manage most of your skin imperfections that takes away your confidence and self-esteem. It is useful in:

  • Improving the symptoms of sun damage to your skin
  • Eliminating scarring due to acne or after a surgical procedure
  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines such as brow lines and crow’s feet
  • Lessening the appearance of dark pigmentation and age spots
  • Managing actinic keratosis

What You Can Expect

When you seek treatment, your provider will examine your condition and review your medical history and discuss your goals to design the best treatment plan, depending on your needs. Single Fraxel laser treatment is enough to make a difference in your appearance. However, you might require about 3-5 treatment sessions at an interval of 2-4 weeks to get optimal results. Each session takes only about 25 minutes to treat your entire face, and you are off to recovery.

After Fraxel

For your first three days after the Fraxel treatment, your skin can be swollen and appear red. It can also ooze and be crusty. However, your provider will give you special instructions to care for your sin to keep it healthy through the recovery period. Ensure you stay hydrated.

The redness and swelling should begin fading away between the fourth and the sixth day. Although your skin may still be crusty, you can use some lotion to maintain hydration or do as your provider instructs you.

By day seven, your skin can be a little pink and flaky, but you can manage this by using your makeup to cover it up. However, be careful to use a sun lotion as your skin can become sensitive.

It can be advisable to stay home for the first few days and take preventive measures against the sun to go outside.

Benefits of Fraxel Laser Treatment

With Fraxel, you can enjoy several benefits, such as younger-looking, healthy skin without surgery. The procedure is comfortable with a cooling system to optimize your comfort during the process.

The results are long-lasting, outstanding, and natural-looking rather than dramatic changes in your appearance. Your friends will notice how much healthier your skin has become, but they will not know you had a cosmetic procedure.

If you are bothered about your skin imperfections and it has taken your confidence away, you can visit Manhattan Dermatology for relief. Fraxel laser treatment is the treatment for you.

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