Preparing for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)


Before being diagnosed with infertility, most people have no clue what happens during in vitro fertilization. Probably you know a few couples who had been through this process successfully, but you didn’t desire to know what the cycle entails. Unfortunately, you have been trying to conceive for a few years but in vain, and finally decided to visit an IVF specialist in Singapore. Now that you have to go through this cycle, your doctor will guide you through the process of preparing your body for this cycle. Here are a few tips to help you.

Stop alcohol intake, quit smoking, and minimize caffeine

Studies show that nicotine can age your ovaries and make your ova resistant to fertilization. If your IVF was successful, nicotine could harm your fetus. Consumption of alcohol during an in vitro fertilization cycle reduces the cycle’s success by 50 percent. This is the primary reason it’s recommended to avoid smoking, alcohol, and other similar substances if you intend to start the IVF cycle.

Healthy eating habits

It’s time to get healthier. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed foods. Protein is also essential for the production of healthy ova, so stock up. Note that being overweight or underweight can have a negative impact on your chances of having a successful IVF. Maintaining a healthy weight ensures the right BMI (Body Mass Index). Though different healthcare facilities have varying guidelines, a BMI of 20 to 30 is acceptable.

Adopt a diet with minimal fat levels and high in iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and protein. Foods known for boosting fertility include beans, avocadoes, whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids, nuts, and eggs. Remember, it’s noted recommended to start a diet plan of any kind as lack of some essential nutrients could affect your treatment negatively.

Get quality sleep

Research shows that the quality and quantity of sleep affects ovulation, sex hormones, and sperm production. It is, therefore, essential to ensure you and your spouse are getting enough and good quality sleep, especially three to four weeks leading up to your IVF cycle. Here are tips to boost the quality of your sleep.

  • Stop using your bedroom as a work station and transfer all entertainment units such as a tablet, phone, and TV to another room.
  • Set a routine and go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.
  • Quit caffeine and alcohol intake. Both can affect your sleep.
  • Perform light workouts indoors. This will help align your brain and body with natural algorithms.

Master and commit to various relaxation techniques

This is a must-do even during and after the in vitro fertilization. Relaxation requires you to minimize stress, get enough rest, and practice mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises. Note that the IVF cycle can be sometimes stressful and physically demanding. Therefore, you need enough energy and anxiety-free time to go through this process.

The bottom line is, the IVF cycle is a hard road, and you need to prepare appropriately. With the guidance and expertise of your doctor, there is a good chance you will go through the cycle successfully.

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