Prevent Fall Risks


When it comes to the elderly population, there are a number of serious risks that exist to their health. This is where elder care services Westchester County can be helpful. Among the various risks and health hazards that elderly individuals face, one of the biggest is falls. There are a few steps that elderly individuals can take to reduce the risk of falls.

Ensure Adequate Lighting

One of the most important measures that everyone has to take is to make sure there is enough lighting in every room. This is one of the most common reasons why there are falls that take place in homes with elderly individuals. Remember that elderly people do not have the same eyesight or balance as their younger counterparts. Therefore, they might not be able to see as well, particularly at night. A little bit of extra lighting can go a long way.

Have Railings in Place

In addition, there must be railings wherever an elderly individual is walking. This added stability can prevent a fall on a staircase, which could lead to broken bones because elderly people often have osteoporosis as well. Furthermore, everyone should make sure there are ramps that replace staircases wherever possible.

Enroll in Balance Classes

Finally, there are also balance classes that elderly individuals can take to preserve their bone density and increase their muscle strength, which can go a long way toward preventing falls. These classes often take place at recreation centers or nursing homes. A primary care doctor might be able to refer patients to a balance class.

These are a few of the most important tips that people can use to reduce the risk of falls in elderly individuals. Falls are a major health hazard for elderly people. Everyone should do everything they can to prevent them.

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