Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Dentistry


Many aesthetic problems are associated with gum disease, tooth defects, and misaligned teeth. The main aim of cosmetic dentistry is to maintain and restore your teeth’ beauty and natural appearance. It also takes into consideration the chewing and speaking function of the teeth. Therefore, it is not just about aesthetics or a beautiful smile but includes interventions to ensure sustainable oral and dental health. Examples of such interventions include facelifts, gum treatment, fillings, root canal treatments, and tooth bonding to repair a broken tooth. Summit general and cosmetic dentistry services can help individuals in need of improving their dental appearance. There are numerous benefits associated with cosmetic dentistry, and here are the reasons you should consider the procedure.

Teeth whitening

Cosmetic dentistry is an effective way to boost your smile if you are self-conscious about the condition of your teeth, especially if it hinders you from social activities. You may consider seeing a cosmetic dentist if you have stained teeth and if your smile is not as bright as it used to be.  

From whiter teeth to more significant smiles, your dentist may recommend common types of procedures such as tooth whitening, dental implants, crowns, and veneers.

Tooth whitening is the most common and quick way to brighten your smile. Even though there are over-the-counter options, some may be counterproductive and may lead to thinning of the enamel. It is vital to contact your doctor who will use the right product after an assessment.

Your doctor may also recommend veneers which are thin shells made of porcelain that cover the teeth’ surface. The dentist takes an impression of your teeth to the laboratory to create a custom option.

Another option is enamel abrasion, which helps remove discoloration from the teeth due to coffee, cigarettes, or wine stains.

Dental crowns

Your dentist recommends dental crowns to cover a damaged tooth and protect or restore the appearance of your teeth after other dental procedures such as fillings and root canals.

Fit braces

Braces are typical for kids as well as adults with teeth misalignment. With modern dentistry, your doctor can recommend Invisalign braces, which are invisible products that help straighten the teeth and correct the misalignment.

Gum treatment

If your gums are too low or high, you may not be content with your smile, and your doctor can perform gum reshaping to even out the gum line for a better appearance.

Gum disease can interfere with bonding which is an orthodontic technique of attaching dentures or appliances to teeth. Therefore, your dentist first treats the gum disease before proceeding with the other dental procedures.

To address facial impairments

Cosmetic dentistry is related to other dental practices such as periodontics, maxillary surgery, and Implantology. Your doctor may recommend facial cosmetics if you have imperfections due to trauma, congenital disabilities, aging, or disease.

With cosmetic dentistry, you can get the whiter teeth and straighter smile you have always wanted while improving your oral health and well-being at the same time. Contact the specialists at Dental Studios for comprehensive assessment and treatment recommendations to restore the proper functioning of the teeth.

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