Reasons Why You Should Consider Mohs Surgery


Mohs surgery is a procedure conducted to remove some types of cancerous tissues. It is a type of surgery that could save your life. In Mohs surgery, cancerous tissues from the patient’s body are removed in small pieces under the microscope by a surgeon. The procedure may be conducted as outpatient surgery by a Mohs surgeon in Glen Allen, VA, and the patient may return home on the same day or can also stay in a hospital for two to three days.

The primary reason behind the development of Mohs Surgery was that due to advancements in medicine, most cancers are diagnosed at a late stage when they have already metastasized. It is challenging to operate and remove the cancerous tissues from a patient’s body in such cases.

  • Here are some other benefits of Mohs surgery.

High Cure Rate

Mohs surgery helps to cure cancer with fewer chances of recurrence. The cure rate is considered high in Mohs Micrographic Surgery due to removing cancerous tissues from a specific area under the microscope by a surgeon. This makes it easy for doctors to get all cancer cells during surgery and reduces the chances of metastasis.

Availability of highly-skilled doctors

In Mohs surgery, the patient is provided with access to highly-skilled and experienced surgeons. Patients can quickly get rid of cancer from their bodies by following a complete treatment advised by surgeons. There are high chances of curing cancer using Mohs Surgery without radiation or chemotherapy sessions in such cases. Prevention from chances of recurrence is also done by removing all cancerous cells during surgery.

Decreased postoperative pain level

The side effect is minimum in Mohs Surgery due to the use of anesthesia only on a few specific areas with chances of metastasis. Patients are provided with less pain after Mohs Micrographic Surgery than other procedures like radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The patient may also get back to normal activities within a few days after the surgery.

Early diagnosis

The main benefit of Mohs Surgery is that doctors can easily detect cancerous cells early and treat them on time by removing small pieces of tissues under a microscope. The primary reason behind this is that most cancers are diagnosed early nowadays due to advancements in medicine. Therefore, doctors can easily remove cancerous cells using Mohs Surgery and increase the chances of cure without recurrence or metastasis.

Longer survival rate

Patients who get treated with Mohs Micrographic Surgery survive longer than patients who get treated with the other surgical treatments. The average survival rate in Mohs Micrographic Surgery is 97%. People treated with Mohs Surgery have a higher life expectancy due to the complete removal of cancerous tissues from their bodies during surgery by a specialized surgeon.

To summarize, cancer is a huge global problem, and Mohs surgery offers hope. It is a procedure to remove some cancerous tissues before they advance and become harder to treat. There are different benefits associated with the procedure, including a high cure rate and the availability of highly skilled doctors to conduct the operation. Other benefits include a longer survival rate, early diagnosis, and decreased postoperative pain,

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