Restore Your Life Quality Without Surgery Through Innovative Pain Management Techniques In New Jersey


Pain, whether acute or chronic, can have a detrimental effect on one’s health and wellness. But because of the advancements in rehabilitation and pain medicine, patients can now receive safe, effective treatments that restore their life’s quality without the need for surgery. At Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine in Ramsey, NJ, patients can receive an extensive range of essential diagnostic, treatments, and rehabilitative procedures all under one roof. To find out more about the practice, call their office, or go online to schedule a consultation.

Meet the Providers

The founding physicians of this practice are Dr. Steven Ferrer, MD, and Dr. Kevin McElroy, DO. The rest of the team at the facility includes clinicians, therapists, and medical doctors. These providers take a multidisciplinary approach to patient care and are fully dedicated to helping patients feel their best. These practitioners offer immediate and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, thus enhancing the quick recovery of patients.

One of the major highlights of being a patient at this state-of-the-art practice is that the providers treat you like family. They work hand in hand with you to understand your unique needs and goals and develop a customized treatment plan that fully heals and prevents further pain-causing problems. In case you have any queries or concerns about pain medicine located in Ramsey, reach out to your select provider today.


The practice offers a wide range of pain management treatment options, such as regenerative medicine injections, physical therapy, osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, epidural injection, cortisone injection, and many more. The professional practitioners’ unique patient care approach ensures patients get immediate relief and get back on their feet in the least possible time.

Every patient’s treatment is tailored according to their unique symptoms and severity of the condition. The pain management specialists are knowledgeable in treating and addressing multiple conditions, including, but not limited to, back pain, herniated disc, neck pain, joint pain, sports injuries, spider veins, knee pain, etc.

The practice utilizes the latest technologies and innovative techniques to ensure procedures are safe and effective. They are currently offering telemedicine appointments to accommodate patients who cannot make it for a face-to-face consultation. For more information, visit their office or request a consultation.

Testimonials & Reviews

Pain medicine located in Ramsey values and appreciates reviews from their valued patients. To date, the practice boasts a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating based on 69 collected reviews. To see what other people are saying about the practice, visit their website.

To sum up, debilitating pain can significantly affect mobility, thus affecting work performance and negatively impacting your overall life quality. Fortunately, you do not have to put up with pain, as the team of specialists at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine located in Ramsey, NJ, provides comprehensive pain management through minimally-invasive techniques, thus reducing downtime and alleviating the risk associated with conventional open surgeries. The practice offers flexible scheduling throughout the week, allowing even late evening appointments. To determine if you are the right candidate for their services, call their office, or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment.

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