Restore Your Natural Hair with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment comprises multiple injections into your scalp to reverse the baldness process and stimulate hair growth. Your hair quality benefits in terms of pigment, texture, and thickness. At Lakewood Ranch support & consultation, the team uses the three stages procedure for hair restoration and to slow down aging.

 What is the procedure done?

 Whether the treatment will be successful will depend on various factors. Before the PRP, Martin Maag, MD performs several tests including evaluating your medical history to assess your suitability.

After booking an appointment at the healthcare center, your doctor will apply local anesthesia to the treatment area. The doctor then conducts a blood test. The specialist draws the blood in two tubes and places them in a centrifuge where the serum or plasma separates from the white and blood cells.

The platelet-rich serum is drawn and re-injected in the bald area using a sophisticated needle. Afterward, the doctor places you in a bio-stimulation machine where low-intensity laser beams stimulate your scalp. 

The session lasts 30 minutes, and you are allowed to go home. Your doctor can schedule other sessions in four weeks. The treatment does not require hospitalization and you can go home the same day. After the PRP treatment, the regeneration of your scalp is possible within three months.

Why is Platelet-rich plasma treatment the best for hair restoration?

PRP is a natural treatment that involves returning blood tissues to the body. However, doctors caution against using the procedure on cancer patients, breastfeeding mothers, and patients on blood thinners. 

Who is the right candidate for platelet-rich plasma treatment?

Martin Maag, MD recommends PRP treatment for patients suffering from mild to moderate hereditary baldness or androgenic alopecia. Also, if you would like to improve your hair’s quality, you can opt for this procedure. A specialist will also perform a PRP on a person who is undergoing a hair transplant treatment. It is done during the surgery to improve the survival of the graft implants and stimulate fast hair growth.

How long will the treatment take?

The procedure is simple and painless and does not require admission to the hospital. It can take up to one hour for the injections and the bio-stimulation technique. However, the consultation and the blood tests can prolong the procedure. Besides, your specialist will schedule subsequent injections every four weeks and a maintenance schedule. Upon commencing the treatment, results will be visible within three months.

What are the side effects and complications of Platelets-rich plasma treatment?

The treatment is quick and painless with no recovery time. There are no side effects or major complications since it is a natural process that does not involve the use of chemicals.

However, like any other therapy, there are several risks such as nerve damage, infection, calcification, and scar tissue. You can consult Martin Maag, MD if you have any concerns about the procedure.

PRP treatment stimulates your hair follicles and is an effective treatment for hair loss. Book an appointment today and let the experts at Honest Hair Restoration begin your hair restoration journey.

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