Significance of a Pap smear test


Pregnancy itself brings along with it a series of tests keeping a track of the health of a mother and baby. An abnormal pap smear during pregnancy is one of the tests coming up. Before you opt for this test you need to be aware what this test is about and how it can help you during pregnancy.

Do you consider Pap test to be safe when pregnant?

Since cervix is involved in this test pointing to bleeding can a pregnant abnormal Pap smear test arise for a woman? The region from where you take out the samples and the place where baby resides has considerable space between them. By this procedure the baby is not affected at all. Bleeding which occurs is absolutely normal and would fade with passage of time.

The time frame where the test is scheduled during pregnancy?

During the first couple of visits to a doctor during pregnancy this test is scheduled. This is roughly around the first trimester of pregnancy. If previous no record of such test exists and if you have missed it in the first trimester a doctor will ask you to take one during second trimester. If a test has been conducted in the last five years, then a doctor could skip this test, though totally it can be at its own discretion.  In case if you are very late in your pregnancy, the doctor may wait till the delivery to be over. Hormones present during the time of delivery can turn results to be false positive.

What do results of Pap smear indicate?

Via the medium of such tests cells present in your cervix is present or not is ascertained. If a test result is negative, then the text results are normal and no cervical cells exist. On the other hand if test results emerge positive it does point to the presence of cervical cells in the region. No abnormalities or other conditions are configured at this point of time. Some issues are detected which means further round of testing could be called for. Close to 10 % of test results tend to be positive, though serious ones are on the rarer side.

What happens in case if you are pregnant and a positive pap result might emerge?

When an abnormal Pap smear test emerges an obvious reaction is that both mothers along with baby have to be worried. If the result is positive the doctor is going to discuss this condition and then diagnose a plan of treatment at their end. Based on the condition the doctor is going to diagnose and plan for a treatment. To give further weightage to the course of treatment doctors may sometimes opt for an internal biopsy. Though if it is only necessary you should do it.

The moment this test is undertaken some amount of bleeding is witnessed in pregnant woman. This does not point to miscarriage in any way as it occurs due to cervix cells being scraped when you take samples.

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