Story of Erectile Dysfunction from a Doctor’s Prospective


Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem as it is under-diagnosed and undertreated across the world. Approximately 33 percent of men in the middle-age experience erectile dysfunction with fairly regular basis. For most men, this is an issue they don’t like to talk about. Erectile dysfunction is a humongous issue that some of us are dealing with now and most of us will deal with it at some point. Basically, there are two categories of erectile dysfunction. Number one is Physical and number two is emotional click here for more. First of all, we will discuss about the physical aspects of ED. There are many common causes for this but most familiar are

  1. Cardio vascular Disease
  2. Cholesterol
  3. Diabetes
  4. Tobacco
  5. Eating junk food and living unhealthy environment
  6. Blood pressure
  7. Musterbation
  8. Sleep disorder

Generally, men who are complaining about the difficulty to obtain erection or maintain erection will be treated with the oral medication. But there are many primary care doctors who don’t feel comfortable when prescribing those oral medicine.  There is huge variety of medicine available in the market to deal with the problem like here. Those who prescribe, usually get results for more than 70% of men. All erectile dysfunction is geared around blood flow. Anything that improves blood flow to the penis will enable an erection for men. Oral medicines improve the blood flow systematically towards the penis hence increasing the function of muscles and helping men to get good erection.

Most of the men do get good results with the oral treatment, but if there is a case who is not able to achieve the desired results, there are other ways of treatment. There is nothing wrong with musterbation but with a lot of high-speed porn it could be overdone and this is going to tell you whether or not you may have a sexual problem with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Edging can also harm your sexual power a lot. Actually, edging is getting close to climax but not climaxing. A lot of guys do that when the watch porn. People do that for hours every night. Some people think that it’s better to edge than to climax because it can be harmful. But the opposite is true because when you are getting close to climax and not reaching your goal, it prolongs this state in your mind and actually messes up the pleasure centers of the brain even more than just having a quick wank.

Be careful with edging because this could result in an erectile dysfunction. Desensitization could be another factor that can harm your sexual efficiency. Almost all men watch some kind of porn and there are a lot of hot women out there who perform different acts in front of them. When you are involved in such type of activity, you will gradually lose interest in normal intercourse with your partner. After a while the brains pleasure centers no longer respond to normal partner sex. You may not be aware of it and you may still think that, “this woman is beautiful but things are not going very well”. They don’t work because you don’t feel much because of desensitizing. This can get your matrimonial life in trouble because your partner will not love it. Just imagine you are with your partner and you are not getting started and not even feeling anything, what will happen to your partners feelings?

Sure, she will not get much pleasure. Any normal man when passed puberty will have frequent erections when he gets up after sleep specially after dream sleep. If you are not having normal morning erections you need to consult your doctor. Erectile dysfunction has a cause and you need to treat that accordingly. You need to figure out what is causing you to have adverse effect of impotence.

Final Words: There are simple steps to get your sensual health better. Take care of your food.  Diet can affect your health in a great way. Just eat simple and organic food. Stay away from junk foods and artificial drinks. Your health will improve in days.

Adopt simple life style. if you want to stay healthy and live a life according to your expectations, adopt simple life style. if you are away from complexity and living near to nature, nature will bless you in return by blessing your matrimonial life.

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