Taking to Evernote to Reduce Vaping


Vaping regularly was surely an exciting habit. It seemed to call at whatever time it wanted until I started to pay attention to what was going on. I suddenly noticed that whenever I was working around the house, my desire to vape completely disappeared. I began to draw a connection in my mind.

The connection that came to me revealed that whenever I was working with my hands, I didn’t think about vaping. This realization also made me consider the fact that perhaps what I liked about vaping was the opportunity to do something with my hands. In a desire to reduce my vaping habits and my urge to get when I wanted to the closest vape shop, I decided to try scheduling more activities with my hands into my agenda.

Since organization isn’t my strong suit, I knew I would need a tool to help, and Evernote was the right fit. This organizational tool allowed me to take notes and to make a schedule, two techniques that were crucial in my bid to reduce vaping and to integrate other activities into my life. We’re so frequently running from place to place that it can be hard to sit down and research activities. When I saw something that caught my eye, like a cooking class or a pottery workshop, I just made a note to myself on the app to check it out later.

I could also make notes about activities that I liked once I tried them. Indeed, I wasn’t so great at pottery, but I was really into the cooking class. I ended up signing up for more. What’s funny is that I never thought about vaping at all while I was participating in these activities whether I enjoyed them or not. It’s also amusing because vaping is what got me into these different activities in the first place.

Evernote is also super helpful in seeing my full schedule and both adding in and deleting items. Like most people, I can’t remember everything in my mind, but I also don’t want to miss out on exciting activities because I forgot about them. I can even think about the times of the day when I used to vape a great deal and make sure that I have activities planned for those times. This app has the potential to make positive changes in people’s lives.

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