The Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is Cocktail Combination Therapy


Sexual dysfunction refers to a condition in which one or more of the functions of sexual desire, erection, sexual intercourse, ejaculation, extreme sensation (orgasm), and relaxation of the male penis are lacking or insufficient.

How to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently, more than 50% of this sexual dysfunction is an absolute cause of erectile dysfunction, and sexual dysfunction means erectile dysfunction.

Most patients with sexual dysfunction are also accompanied by erectile dysfunction, and men with erectile dysfunction are accompanied by stressful occupations such as sales workers, night workers or drinking and smoking. It is a well-known fact.

However, most of the patients who come to the hospital do not think about their own wrong lifestyle or correct their sexual patterns, and often want radical treatment or erectile dysfunction treatment.

What is the fundamental and complete treatment for erectile dysfunction?

Is there a treatment that can be repaired once treatment does not cause erectile dysfunction forever?

The fundamental treatment of erectile dysfunction is eventually to restore physical and mental health. Calm psychological state and physical health, including the urinary system, is a way to fundamentally recover erectile dysfunction, it is a way to treat erectile dysfunction.

In order to fundamentally treat such erectile dysfunction, the best treatment for erectile dysfunction is to combine treatment with urologist while making diligent efforts by yourself.

Recently, cocktail treatments that maximize the therapeutic effect by simultaneously treating various factors that cause erectile dysfunction have been developed and widely used.

  1. Treatment of penile blood flow increase by administering blood circulation improvers to improve blood circulation, which is the first cause
  2. Erectile augmentation therapy that stimulates male penis erectile cells, the second cause, to improve erectile function
  3. Cocktail injection therapy in combination with treatments such as hormone therapy to improve erectile power by treating the hormonal degradation, which is the third cause, can maximize the existing erectile dysfunction treatment effect.

The fundamental and most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is the combination of various and specialized treatments of urologists as well as efforts to correct one’s lifestyle.

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