The Essential Starting Point for the Best CBD Oil Use


For most people, 60 grams (or 60ml) of hemp oil is enough to kill most cancer cells. On average, it takes 90 days to take as much oil. However, it is important to remember that 60g / ml for 90 days is only the recommended therapy and the starting point. Sometimes it takes a lot more time.

The Starting Point

You should start with taking three doses of oil a day. For the first week, its size should not exceed half of the grain of white rice. After a week, you can double the dose, and then double it every 4 days, until we can take all 1g / ml a day. 1 gram is about the same as 1 ml. usually, the body takes 30-35 days to take this dose. As soon as this dose is reached, the oil should be taken every day until we get rid of the cancer. There are also cases of taking 2 g or more a day.

  • As the initial doses of oil are so small, they can be poured into empty capsules and swallowed. This facilitates taking the drug to beginners or children, and also provides complete discretion in public places. To avoid the “high” side effect, precise oil dosage is required.
  • Taking the medicine in the form of capsules also allows you to monitor how much oil you use every day, you can also plan your dose a few days ahead. It is also easier than to attach oil to other, if taken, medicines. Slow dosing for the first 30 days allows you to build tolerance. People who experience tiredness or experience narcotic effects, it is recommended to reduce the daily doses and increase this before bedtime. This will allow for a quiet, strong sleep. It should be remembered that everyone reacts differently to medicines, the same is true of hemp oil. Visit for the smartest options.

Body weight also affects oil tolerance. Taking oil can also lower your blood pressure, so if you’re taking medication to regulate your blood pressure, you may not need it anymore. Carefully observe changes in blood pressure to make sure you can stop taking your medication.

After the end of treatment, it is recommended to continue treatment with hemp oil. Once the cancer has disappeared, you can reduce the dose – taking 1 gram per month is enough to maintain health. If we do not take a maintenance dose or oil in any other form (e.g. vaporisation), withdrawal symptoms may occur. These include: panic attacks, anxiety, recurrent negative thoughts, impossibility of focusing, lack of motivation, insomnia, loss of appetite, sweating, lowering of libido. They disappear after about 10-14 days and not all patients feel them, but it is important to know that they have been reported and may occur. Make a visit to now to get a clearer picture of the whole process.


The suppositories are another method than oral oil intake. Some believe that this method allows more accurate introduction of hemp into the blood. To get a handful of suppositories, we recommend supplying 100 grams of cocoa butter for every 1-2 gram of oil. First, dissolve the butter, eg by placing it in a stainless container, or by heating it with a candle.

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