The Use for the Best CBD Suppositories with Smart Solutions for Anal Inflammation


The source of defecation problems seems to be 100% related to soma, not to psyche. Symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, cramps are difficult to combine with the condition of the mind. However, it happens and very often that the cause of constipation lies in emotions!

For several years, the so-called abdominal: there are more nerve cells in the intestines than in the brain itself. Both of these organs are closely connected and there is a continuous exchange of information between them using neurotransmitters, which are also produced in the digestive system. The state of mind can have a significant impact on the functioning of the intestines. The best addressing can be done by the CBD Suppositories now.

Emotions in the toilet

Scientific research has proven that mood disorders and emotional stress alter neuronal connections that help control bowel function. It is in this way that psychological factors directly affect the digestive system. As a result, if you suffer from depression or anxiety disorders, it is more likely that emotional problems will be accompanied by bowel movements. Chronically experienced negative emotions – fear, sadness or anger activate stress hormones that slow down or completely stop the production of digestive juices and intestinal bowel movements. In this way digestive processes are inhibited. So if the stress caused by negative emotions is chronic, constipation may become chronic.

Dependency is also reversed

Poorly functioning, unoccupied regular intestines can be a source of negative emotions, stress and even depression.

In what mechanism?

First of all, physical discomfort causes psychological unhappiness. In addition, do not forget about the direct nerve connections between the intestines and the brain. What happens in our stomach also affects the functioning of the brain. Chronic constipation changes the intestinal microflora, and the change in the composition of intestinal bacteria may disrupt.

When to a psychologist?

If we were unable to cope with constipation, and we implemented all the recommendations, both those regarding the correct diet and the right dose of movement, we ruled out diseases and functional disorders of the digestive system, we may suspect that the source of problems lies in the psyche. It is worth trying to learn how to relieve tension because stress cannot be avoided. In the role of anti-stress remedy, physical exertion works well, especially treating the body and mind holistically, for example yoga or tai-chi. Some yoga positions are especially recommended for defecation problems. Sometimes, however, when we feel against our stress and a tangle of emotions completely helpless, it is worth using a psychologist. Specialists often stress that the source of problems with bowel movements are not only depression or anxiety, but also the inhibition of emotions considered inappropriate and bad, such as anger or anger. The skill of their constructive and at the same time socially accepted expression can also release our intestines from obstruction.

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