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ision is vital in a person’s life. There are many eye conditions which, if left untreated, can cause fuzzy vision or even blindness. It is advisable that when someone starts experiencing eyesight problems to seek the services of an optometrist. An optometrist is a medical professional specializing in eye care.  Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates offers eye treatment services in Bourbonnais and Frankfort. Because the eye is a sensitive part of the body, patients need to conduct a thorough research about the person they approach for eye review and treatment.

Conditions That Need an Optometrist

A person who has astigmatism needs to seek services from an optometrist. This condition affects the cornea, causing it to curve. When the curvature increases, the person can encounter poor eyesight. A patient should seek the services of an optometrist before the condition worsens. If one experiences poor vision, strains to see, has persistent headaches, or irritation in the eyes, they may have astigmatism. Other conditions such as myopia and hyperopia occur because of refractive problems. In either of those cases a person will notice only seeing objects that are either near or far.

Furthermore, a person can experience red-eye, which is not a serious condition. The red-eye occurs because the sclera looks bloody or pinkish. The red-eye can irritate and cause a person to become uncomfortable. There are many causes of the red-eye problem, for instance, if a person does not sleep enough, swims in pools with chlorine, or even wears contact lenses for long periods. Persons also suffer from allergic eye problems, which result in watery and red eyes. The person experiencing the allergic reaction becomes sensitive to light or may experience a burning or itchy sensation in the eyes. Other patients also complain of dry eye problems. Their eyes fail to produce enough tears, and if they produce enough, it is not of high quality.

Treatments For The Conditions

A person can correct eyesight problems through treatment or change in their lifestyle. For instance, people experiencing dry eye problems can avoid continuous screen time by gazing away from the screen after every twenty minutes. Treatments include Restasis eye drops for dry eyes. For patients experiencing astigmatism, they can undergo IntraLase surgery or refractive surgery. The patients suffering from red-eye because of an underlying infection can get antibiotic eye drops. Other treatments for red-eye include compresses, lubricating eye drops, and reducing screen time. Depending on the quality of eyesight established through tests, the person can get glass lenses or contacts.

Why Visit Dr. Rutkowski and The Team

The practice offers the best services as per the testimonials given by a variety of patients. A prospective customer can book online through their website or call the office. The lead optometrist is spectacular in service delivery. Each patient gets an eye examination through the use of the most updated technology. More so, the services are affordable to everyone, and patients have the surety of getting the best services. The practitioner treats patients like his family and only recommends a treatment that suits your eye needs. The website is very informative, and it speaks to the knowledge and expertise of the optometrists.


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