Top 5 Essential Facts About Laparoscopic Surgery


Women’s health needs are unique, and more technologies and treatment techniques are being innovated to ensure that all conditions are effectively managed. Thanks to technological advancements, many gynecological procedures can be performed through minimally invasive techniques. Bedford Park minimally invasive surgery specialists have adopted methods like laparoscopy to address most gynecological issues. Therefore, you should no longer worry about anything you have heard or experienced before about open surgery. Laparoscopy involves small incisions meaning less painful and involves minimal complications. Here are more points about the treatment to help you understand it better.

Laparoscopy Meaning

Laparoscopic surgery derives its name from the particular device used in the process known as a laparoscope. The slender tool has a tiny video camera and light attached at the tip and is injected into your body through a small cut. The laparoscope is connected to a monitor allowing your provider to see what is going on about internal organs. It eliminates the idea of your provider having to access the internal organs through more incisions. Now, they can diagnose your issue through the monitor with the help of laparoscopy.

The Procedure

Traditional surgery before laparoscopy meant that your doctor had to cut about 6 to 12 inches long in your abdomen to access the targeted organs. But during a laparoscopy procedure, your procedure will make tiny cuts that are at most half-inch long. These are openings where the laparoscope and other surgical instruments are inserted to assist your provider. Through the tools, your provider can see what is happening in your body and act accordingly. Your provider will then remove the instruments and close the cuts. Your recovery is more straightforward, unlike with traditional open surgery.

How You Benefit

Fewer incisions are involved in laparoscopic surgery, and it comes with several benefits over traditional surgery. You will only get more minor scars which can heal faster and even fade away. You also won’t stay at the hospital for long, and you can get back to your activities sooner than with open surgery. Your recovery will be easier since you will experience less pain as the scars heal. Additionally, we will have less internal scarring minimizing your chances of complications following the treatment.

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Depending on your need and your provider’s expertise, it can be possible to put the surgical tools, including the laparoscope, through one opening, minimizing the number of cuts to be made. Your provider, in this case, can use a device that will allow the instruments to reach in since they will be so close together. Although your provider might have to make an incision longer than half an inch for all the devices to go through, it cannot belong to a traditional surgery opening.

Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopy

Technological advancements can help your provider be more precise. You can get a robotic version of laparoscopic. Instead of the doctor getting a hold on the operating instruments, they will set a robotic mechanical arm and operate it through the computer. The monitor gives your provider a high-resolution magnified image of your body, and working from the computer will help them be more precise. This advanced technology reduces the chances of errors and complications.

Whatever gynecological issue you think needs surgery, reach out to Chicago Center for Women’s Health today for help. You can benefit from laparoscopy or other minimally invasive procedures for gynecological issues.

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