Treating anemia during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a wonderful thing to happen in a woman. It is the time of joy and satisfaction in the woman’s life, as she will be expecting her baby who will be a great addition to the family. But, unfortunately, the pregnant woman could be prone to suffering from some type of health issues, which during this stage can be all the more dangerous for the one in the womb. Hence, what is required is extreme precaution, proper visits and consultation with the qualified and talented physician and taking care of self and the unborn baby.


Some pregnant women could be suffering from anemia. It is stated to be a condition which occurs when the RBC (red blood cell) count of the person is found to be extremely low than what is normal. Oxygen is carried by the red blood cells to the different body parts from the lungs and it is considered to be vital to personal health. Therefore, without sufficient oxygen, the body is not likely to function as it should be and the person is likely to get tired and run down. Women unfortunately may face greater risk due to this condition, when compared to men. For instance, red blood cells in large amounts could probably be lost in any woman, if heavy or long menstrual cycles are experienced. It will be necessary to take the appropriate medicine for pregnancy to treat anemic condition.

Taking adequate steps

Anemia is stated to be a common condition taking place during pregnancy, since the expectant mother is expected to have sufficient amounts of red blood cells both for the unborn child and for herself. Hence, it becomes imperative that the person takes immediate steps to avoid anemic conditions, after and during pregnancy. In case, the physician is aware about the individual’s anemic condition, then proper advice is to be given with regards to how the person can take proper care of her body, as well as raise the blood cell count to the required limit.

Steps to increase RBC count

Several steps are present by which the pregnant woman can ensure having sufficient iron in the blood to enjoy healthy pregnancy. The following are to be considered:

  • Food rich in iron is to be consumed like dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains and poultry.
  • Vitamin C is to be introduced in the diet the form of tomatoes and fruits.
  • Fiber, egg yolks, tea and coffee is better avoided, as they may cause the blocking of iron absorption by the body.
  • Iron supplements are to be taken along with meals, if anemic condition is faced.

The physician upon checking thoroughly the patient will offer sufficient standard care to treat the specific condition. He will also ensure that the baby in the womb is completely safe. A good and reputed physician will prescribe the most appropriate pregnancy medicine to suit the specific condition of the patient. This will help her to have safe and secure pregnancy without harming the baby in any manner.

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