Trump and Biden Accuse Each Other of Taking Money


US President Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden accused each other of taking money from China and Russia during the last debate.

Trump said Biden received millions from Russia. Russia is paying Biden a lot of money, emails show.

In response, Biden said, “I did nothing wrong. If anyone made money from China, it was Trump.”

During the debate, President Trump said that 2.2 million Americans were feared to have died from Corona and that those coming from China were doing everything possible to fight the virus. The corona epidemic is now receding, and the vaccine will arrive by the end of this year.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden responded by saying that 220,000 Americans had died from Corona and another 200,000 Americans were feared to have died from Corona. If anyone is responsible for these deaths, he should not be president.

Joe Biden added that President Trump has no plans to fight the epidemic, we will increase testing, I will end the epidemic.

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