Understanding Board and Care Facilities


A board & care facility is also known as a board, care home, group home, or residential care facility. It is a state-licensed small private group that offers adequate care and supervision for people or seniors who need help with their medical needs and personal care. As a matter of fact, these facilities work 24hour a day.

However, people who qualify to go to these facilities should be able to feed, dress, and go to the toilet by themselves. They should also be slightly mentally stable, free to eat with others in a central dining room, and do not require more than the facility’s moderated help.

Given their small size, they are often characterized by one-bedroom apartments with private storage units and bathrooms but may lack kitchens (ask the administrator for details.) Among the services offered include;

  • Social activities
  • Meals
  • Housekeeping, and

Are These Facilities’ Staffs Qualified?

While you may think taking care of adults may not require any qualifications, read through for some facts.

Moderate training

To qualify as this facility’s administrator, you must have taken the 80hour certification program and also pass the simple state exam. Also, you must be ready to continue with your studies for 40 hours annually.

To become staff, you must obtain not less than 40 hours of training within the facility in your first year of employment. The 40 hours are divided into two; 20hours is spent working alone with residents while the other 20 hours within the first 4weeks of employment. After training, you will undergo more training for 20 hours after every year.

Remember, since the facility’s main purpose is to provide help for elders who need assistance with their medications and care, dementia care training is also a must for all residential care facilities for elders (RCFEs) staff. As a matter of fact, more training is offered to the staff who help residents with self-medical care administration.

Minimum qualifications

An administrator must be 21years and above of age and must have at least a high school diploma to run a facility of 15beds and below (around 80% RCFEs are contained)

For an administrator to run a facility of 16 to 49 beds, he or she must have 15 college credits, while 3years of experience or 2years of college are needed to run a facility of more than 50 beds.

However, just 18 years of age and clean criminal background are the qualifications to work for a residential care facility for elder staff.

Since these facilities are not medical related, there are requirements for registered nurses or any medically trained professional.

Benefits of Board and Care Facility or Residential Care Facility for The Elders

Quality life

They provide a positive quality of life for seniors who have mental and physical conditions. That is because these facilities contain professionals who possess masters of health administration (MHA) as their assisted living administrators or nursing home administrators.

Personal care

These facilities also help residents with personal care services such as;

  • Cleaning the bathrooms and room
  • Managing medications
  • Meals
  • Bathing
  • Doing laundry, among others.

Transport means

They also offer transportation means for residents who have appointments with doctors or who need immediate medical attention. Depending on the health and mobility levels, some residents may be given transport to run errands, like to go and shop for groceries.

Social activities

Boards and care homes or facilities also provide social programs for their residents, such as watching movies, crafts, bingo, and outings. In fact, some facilities even encourage their members to interact with other communities in order to socialize and be more recreative.


Unlike nursing facilities, these homes are just home away from home. Residents do not have to worry about being surrounded by doctors everywhere. With these facilities, you are free to walk and have a good time without anyone interfering with you.


Although these facilities are not the only option you have for your seniors, the benefits and services offered are enough to give it a try.

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