Ways to Escape From Health-Related Scams


Healthcare scams are not new to the people in the know. They have the advantage of not falling victim to them. The difference between them and the vulnerable masses is the awareness. This awareness about the people who cheat innocent victims providing fake schemes related to healthcare.

These scam mongers are the ones who come to their prey with a plan that simply does not exist or impossible to sell. They carry on with their scheme unabashedly because these people have no strings attached. They belong neither to any genuine company nor any institution. They are out there making money through cheating people.

Most of the victims of healthcare scams are the older lot who believe easily the amount of benefits coming their way, no matter through whom and in what manner. Sometimes these senior citizens are made to sigh on documents that entail some medical services not within the domain of the services provided by the genuine company. Sometimes they are made to pay for the procedure that is simply unnecessary medically.

You should not respond to unsolicited helpline or helping people whom you don’t know or not familiar with. Simply do not answer to their calls whatever and however lucrative the scheme may be. This degree of awareness and alertness will definitely thwart the evil intentions of such people who are nothing more than con artistes. Most of the calls or invites for highly lucrative health insurance schemes come through phones or over the internet. You should check your policy to be doubly sure that there are no finer prints contrary to your expectations or what the insurer has told you about. Do not believe blindfolded anyone, even if you have known the person through ages. Remember, you cannot read the minds of people; nobody can. It is you who is the best judge of what you should do and you shouldn’t. It doesn’t take much pain to be slightly aware and alert against being cheated on account of as important an aspect of your life as health. The moment you’ve allowed someone to fiddle with your intelligence and common sense, you have opened the floodgates of chicanery and loot.

Do not believe anybody or any friend or any relative of yours. Be doubly sure about what is there on the paper. If you find the scheme is too good to be true, may be your hunches are true. Go out and check for yourself what’s in it for you and what’s against your interest. You should not be gullible enough to be taken for a ride by someone rapacious and greedy. There is no point flaunting your educational qualification if you have not learned to hold your temptations under check and not to be carried away by the promise of a world of benefits and profits which are as good as the castle in the air.

There are many like you who learn through mistakes and there are others who learn through watching or reading or simply being aware. I think you should fall into the last category.

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