What Does an ENT Specialist Do?


We finally get to talk about ENT (otolaryngologist) specialists, and it’s time we got down to the nitty-gritty. What do they do? When might you need one of these experts in your life? Let’s find out. First things first: what exactly does an ENT specialist do? The answer is that it depends on the specialty, but many have a particular focus on the ear or throat-related conditions. They can be either surgeons or non-surgeons, some certified by their state board while others are only licensed by their medical society. In Marrero, LA, you’ll find competent specialists ready to help. Pay a visit to Dr. Adil Fatakia in Marrero. What exactly does an otolaryngologist do?

Ear Infection Treatment

For starters, they may be able to help with ear infections (otitis media). It can be done in a variety of ways, including minimally-invasive endoscopic tube placement. If you’re looking for something less dramatic than complete surgery, this is the way to go. They’ll insert small tubes into your ears that are meant to equalize pressure and drain fluid, ultimately alleviating the pain you’re feeling.

Sinus Surgery

Another thing an otolaryngologist does is perform sinus surgery. Even if you don’t have a full-on sinus infection, your sinuses can still become extremely congested and painful. An ENT specialist (particularly one who is also a surgeon) will open the blocked passages through minimally invasive means that generally offer quicker recovery times than open surgeries.

Sinusitis Treatment

If you have a sinus infection, you can visit your ENT specialist for a prescription for antibiotics. They may also offer other ways to reduce the symptoms if antibiotics aren’t effective, most commonly in allergy treatments or saltwater rinses. They do a proper examination before proceeding with the treatment as this makes them accurate.

Vertigo Remedy

When you suffer from vertigo (a condition in which the person feels like the room is spinning), an ENT specialist can be your best friend. They will give you medication for feeling better and making you comfortable. Surgery may also prevent this type of sickness in the future.

Allergies Treatments

Many people suffer from allergies, but there are times when a simple trip to the drugstore may not be enough. If you have terrible allergies, your ENT specialist can offer immunotherapy shots (also known as allergy shots) that will build up your tolerance to what’s causing you problems. Surgery is also an option in some circumstances.

Obstructed Airway Disorders

Several conditions can cause an obstructed airway, and they require different approaches to be treated. If you have sleep apnea (where your throat relaxes and closes during sleep), your otolaryngologist may prescribe mouth devices or CPAP machines with tubes that will help you breathe through the night. They can also offer tonsillectomy or sinus surgery to improve your breathing.


Immunotherapy is a type of drug treatment used to reduce allergies. It works by desensitizing you to whatever triggers your symptoms. While allergies are an ENT specialty, other experts in the field, including allergists, will also help with this kind of treatment. Immunotherapy shots may or may not involve injections, but they’re given as a series of shots that will help you with your symptoms over time.

If you need an ENT specialist, it’s essential to know what they specialize in. The list is long on the services you can get from these specialists. They handle problems within the ears, nose, and throat. With proper diagnosis, they’ll know which treatment to offer.

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