What is Cancer and what are the natural cure for it?


If you want to know what are metastases, then they are metastatic tumors to the lungs are malignant tumors (cancers) that develop in other sites and spread through the bloodstream to the lungs.

The most common tumors that metastasize to the lungs include colon cancer, breast cancer, bone and soft tissue sarcomas, melanoma, and genitourinary tumors.

However, almost any type of cancer has the ability to spread to the lungs.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that begins with a mutation, when a cell of the body (a somatic cell, i.e. not a sex cell) begins to divide / grow uncontrollably. Normal body cells work according to their internal clock with a working mechanism. These internalclock is adjusted, for example, at what moment the cell divides, growing and maturing, aging and / or dies, i.e. all those natural processes, of which the life cycle of cells – the so-called cell cycle . In a cancer cell, this regulatory mechanism is damaged.

How danger Cancer is?

Cancers seem to have come from another planet.  Unlike the rest, they multiply uncontrollably, devouring the tissues around them and forming a tumor that grows like an avalanche.  And they have an amazing ability to survive, which is why it is so difficult to stop their growth, and even more difficult to destroy them altogether.  Unlike other cells, whose lifespan is calculated in days or weeks, cancer cells die together with the “host” in whose body they settled and whom they themselves killed.

Best of all, according to the expert, vegetables, especially tomatoes, protect against oncology. They contain many useful minerals, in particular lycopene, which inhibits the process of mutations in the body.

Foods containing flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants, also help fight cancer. These are green tea, citrus fruits, parsley, blueberries, peanuts and dark chocolate.

The recommended amount of flavonoids consumed is 500 mg per day.

Berries, sauerkraut, soybeans, and yoghurts have a similar effect. In addition, the expert draws attention to the benefits of potatoes and walnuts in this regard.

3 foods that can kill cancer cells

Besides the list of foods to avoid to prevent cancer, you need to know what is best to eat more often to stay healthy and stay away from any type of disease. Why not try a cancer stem cell-killing diet?

Cancer stem cells support the process of carcinogenesis. They play a key role in cancer progression, natural cure for cancer, and relapse after treatment.

  • Green tea Scientists have discovered that green tea can help kill cancer stem cells.Green tea contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which causes cancer cells to “suicide” and can reduce the growth of colon cancer stem cells by 50%.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olive oil provides the body with securidoids, which, in laboratory tests, have been effective in reducing the growth of breast cancer stem cells. Extra virgin olive oil can prevent the development of cancer in animals and reduce tumor growth in those who already have the disease.
  • Walnuts Walnuts can help reduce the risk of colon cancer and improve patient survival. Scientists found that daily exposure to walnut extract for a week helped to reduce the growth of colon cancer stem cells by 86%.Walnuts contain bioactive substances such as gallic acid, chlorogenic acid and ellagic acid.
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