What to Consider Before You Freeze Your Eggs


Most women consider egg freezing in Newport Beach to preserve their fertility so that they can raise their biological kids later in life. Several female celebrities conceived and gave birth successfully later in life. Halle Berry, Eva Mendes, and Gwen Stefani all had their children in their 40s. Such success stories are interesting, making women increase their odds by freezing their eggs. Also referred to as oocyte cryopreservation, egg freezing entails harvesting mature eggs from your ovaries, freezing them, and storing them for the future when you are ready to get pregnant.   

Why should you consider freezing your eggs?

Egg freezing can be your best option if you are not planning to conceive now, but be might have plans later in life. Unlike embryo cryopreservation (fertilized egg freezing), egg freezing will not require sperm since your gynecologist will freeze your eggs unfertilized. However, your doctor will recommend using fertility drugs, just like with embryo freezing, to trigger your ovulation to produce multiple eggs for harvesting.

You should consider freezing your eggs if:

  •         You require treatment for a chronic ailment that might affect your conception.
  •         You wish to save younger eggs for the future. 
  •         You have a health condition that might threaten your fertility

What should you know before freezing your eggs?

You probably have started researching before you make up your mind to contact your gynecologist for egg freezing. The chances are high that you have come across overwhelming information likely to disorganize your brain with facts. Before you make that trip to your doctor’s office, there are a few things you might want to know about egg freezing. They include:

  •         Do not consider the process an insurance policy

Though egg freezing might relieve the stress of not raising your biological child in the future, not all your eggs will be viable forever. The count of eggs likely to survive the warming process and be prepared for successful fertilization will depend on your age at the time of freezing and the number that are likely to come from storage viable and healthy.

  •         Though there might be no specific age to freeze your eggs, the best eggs are a must-have

The best time to freeze your eggs can probably be in your 20s and early 30s, when you still have younger, healthier eggs and a significant ovarian reserve.

  •         Egg harvesting may be an intense process

You are likely to go through several steps before your doctor harvests your eggs and gets them to storage. The processes you might go through include evaluating your ovarian reserve, screening for infectious ailments, an ultrasound to assess your general ovarian function, and several medication treatments to prepare you for egg harvesting.

  •         Egg freezing can be your best option, especially if you have certain health conditions

Radiation or chemotherapy from chronic ailments like cancer can risk your fertility. In such an instance, egg freezing may be the only option to preserve your fertility. Additionally, you may consider the process if you have a family history of issues like early menopause or genetic mutation.  

Egg freezing should be one of your considerations if you plan to have healthy kids in the future but are not ready to get pregnant now. Consult your gynecologist to learn more about egg freezing and how you can benefit from the treatment. 

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