What to Expect from Your Orthodontist?


A visit with your dentist should ideally be made twice a year. A visit with your orthodontist, however, may require much more than that. This is because orthodontic practice is a lot more specialized than regular dentistry. Not only do orthodontists provide diagnoses and treatment of oral issues, but they also deal with dental and facial irregularities.

Included in this specialization is the treatment of jaw misalignments, occlusion, bite issues, teeth straightening, and more. If your dentist says you’ll need to wear braces, therefore, you need to make sure they’re licensed to deliver orthodontic services. Otherwise, they should refer you to one.

Here are some things you should expect when meeting with your orthodontist for the first time.

The Consultation

As with any other type of treatment program, it all begins with the consultation. This is a very important part of the treatment process so make sure to be as forthcoming with details about your condition as much as possible.

The more information your orthodontist has about what it is you think you need to be addressed, the clearer the picture will be. From there, they will most likely set you up for further assessment and evaluation, such as by undergoing an X-ray so they can really see the problem. Based on their findings, a recommendation will be made as to what solutions you can take.

This is the part where you ask and clarify whatever other details you need about the cost and the timeline of the treatment program. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of it all before making the commitment. It is not advisable to stop a dental treatment program in the middle of it all because it will only worsen the situation.

Fittings and Moldings

Depending on what treatment you’ll get, whether it’s for braces or aligners, expect to have fittings or moldings at least once. This is to make sure that whatever oral implement you’ll be required to wear will fit perfectly. Measurements have to be absolutely precise, otherwise not only is it going to be more uncomfortable for you, but it’s also not going to do anything to solve the problem, thus costing you money unnecessarily.

Regular Check-ups

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t going to be a mere twice-a-year thing. This is a commitment that you should see through to the end. Your orthodontist will require you to come in for follow-ups to check if you’re doing the program right and see how well your treatment is going. If they find that it’s not working as well as it should, or in case some other problem crops up, then the follow-ups are a great way to deal with it immediately.

Because of the high specialization required by this practice, it’s important for you to find and work with the right orthodontists. Practitioners, such as those from https://www.coortho.com/ should be able to give you the quality service and treatment you need.

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