What to expect on your first visit to Anti Aging Clinic for men


Is age catching up with you and worried about the mood swings, tiredness, and low sex drive? Then you might consider visiting an anti-aging clinic. Aging in men is marked by the gradual decline of testosterone hormone, usually 1% to 2% per year. The process is known as andropause and begins at around the age of 30 years.

Though not as fast as menopause, andropause can bring about significant changes in a man’s body. Drop in your vital hormones, especially testosterone, makes you feel older and is responsible for issues such as memory loss, fatigue, hair loss, irritability, and low sex drive. Although anti-aging therapies may not stop your body from aging, they play a significant role in improving your body’s appearance and performance.

So, you have made your decision to visit an anti-aging clinic. What should you expect? Have a look at the following stages that you will undergo at the clinic;

  1. Review of your medical history

The anti-aging specialist will seek to know your medical history. You will be required to give concrete answers and maybe provide reports from previous clinic visits. You should also let your doctor know if you are taking any herbs or medications. In addition, the health specialist will ask you varied questions in a bid to get a deeper understanding of your health. The doctor will ask about your feelings and seek whether you are experiencing unpredictable mood swings. Drop in testosterone is a major cause of low sex life and hence do not be surprised when your doctor seeks information about your sexual performance.

  1. Request For A Lab Test

Having provided sufficient information about your medical history and current health status, your doctor will request to carry out lab tests to check the levels of your vital hormones in your blood. During the test, the health care provider will clean the area they wish to draw blood from, usually a vein in your arm. An elastic band is tied on your upper arm to create a blood pool in the targeted vein and a sterile syringe is used to draw blood which is then taken to the lab for analyses of your hormone levels. It’s important to consider that some medications can affect the lab results. The test is usually done in the morning when your testosterone level is at the peak.

  1. Customization Of Your Treatment

Depending on your medical history, health status, and lab results, your doctor will create a customized treatment schedule for you. It may involve self-care at home or scheduled visits at the clinic. The standard measure of testosterone is nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). The typical levels of testosterone in male ranges between 500ng/dl and 700 ng/dL and hence the medication prescribed for you will aim at keeping your hormone at the standard level. Besides the regular testosterone injections, your doctor may recommend skin treatment procedures to get rid of wrinkles and scarring.


A significant decline in testosterone hormone is the major cause of aging symptoms in men. Forgetfulness, irritability, low sexual performance, and fatigue are some of the signs of the drop in the levels of vital hormone. However, you can alleviate the signs by visiting anti-aging clinics.

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