What You Didn’t Know About Hammertoe


If you are struggling with hammertoe, it can be challenging to find relief. Yet, some simple treatments work wonders for this debilitating condition. Finding a hammertoe specialist is what you need to get over this problem. In Bakersfield, California, there are experts who you can approach for assistance. With their expertise, they’ll tell the main cause of the hammertoe, which is an essential thing for the primary treatment. A Bakersfield hammertoe specialist takes the time to understand your medical history ahead of any decision.

What Is Hammertoe?

This is a condition that causes your toe to bend and lean towards the other toes. Generally, tendons are inflammation in this part of the foot, caused by an abnormally bent position. The big cause for hammertoe is poor footwear, as shoes don’t allow room for bending and stretching movement. Additionally, injury or arthritis can also be a cause. People who wear high heels often tend to develop this problem due to unbalanced pressure on their feet.

What Are The Symptoms?

The first symptom is pain at the affected toe’s location with occasional redness and swelling. In severe cases, you may find walking difficult as it gets difficult to even stand or put weight on what used to be your normal foot position. You may also experience hard skin with bristling or pinching in this region of the foot.

How Is Hammertoe Diagnosed?

A hammertoe specialist will ask you several questions about your medical history and how often you suffer from such problems. He will then check the movements of your toe for any abnormality and pain response with external pressure on certain parts of the foot. A scan might be taken if there is a severe case of hammertoe involving bones, joints, and tendons.

What Are The Treatment Options?

Depending upon the severity and location of hammertoe, your specialist will recommend conservative treatment methods, including strapping to reduce movement temporarily until it gets better on its own. In severe cases, surgery is recommended to minimize any pinching or pain from the toe’s joint.

They’ll provide you with additional information on hammertoe and the treatment options available via their website.

Some will use a combination of procedures, including the use of custom-made orthotic devices. The doctors also consider the age and associated medical issues of a patient before choosing a treatment plan. It is important to get in touch with experts who know how to deal with such problems for better results.

Post-Treatment Guidance

Once treated successfully, they will guide you on maintaining a healthy foot and give some pointers on what footwear to wear. In most cases, the approach is conservative, as studies have shown that around 90% of patients with hammertoe can recover without surgery. Also, remember that all conditions may not be treatable by one expert as it depends upon various factors such as the location of hammertoe and its severity.

If you are struggling with hammertoe, there is hope for relief. With the right treatment plan and a specialist who knows how to deal with such problems, your pain may be managed in no time at all. Remember that there are various treatment options that these experts could consider depending on the nature of the condition.

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