What You Might Need After Shoulder Surgery


It is common to manage mild shoulder injuries through conservative treatments. But if you experience severe arthritis or injury and lose mobility, you might benefit from shoulder replacement surgery. It would be good to consult medical experts like an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. J. Michael Bennet, to understand how to get ready for the treatment, including recovery. Recovering from such a major procedure may be difficult, and you might need some staff to make it easier. Consulting before your procedure will help you get ready in advance and make your recovery smooth. Here are some things you need to do for a smooth recovery.

Update Your Wardrobe

Before going for shoulder surgery, please ensure that you check your clothes and you have those that you can wear easily after surgery. For example, if you only have shirts or tops that only have to run over your head, you can opt to get others with strategically placed zips or buttons. Remember that your hand will have limited mobility, and you ought to ensure you can easily dress and undress. Post-surgery clothing will also help you through physical therapy if needed. It is better to invest in recovery by getting healthcare clothing that is fashionable enough to make you feel and look better.

Get a Detachable Shower Head

After shoulder surgery, your provider will instruct you to keep your incision dry. But since you have to take a shower, the easier way to avoid wetting the incision is by investing in a detachable showerhead. Additionally, ensure you cover your incisions with a waterproof dressing to avoid any chances of getting wet as you bathe or take a shower.

Buy an Ice Pack

You might experience mild symptoms like swelling during your recovery after a shoulder replacement procedure. But you can relieve the symptom by icing your shoulder. Therefore, get some ice packs from the local stores before you go for your appointment, and you will not have to go looking for them after your surgery. Also, you can freeze lima beans or peas in your fridge at home, which are good for icing.

Find Extra Pillows

Rest is one remedy that your doctor will recommend to aid in your recovery process. You will consume most of your time sitting or sleeping on the couch or bed, which you must ensure is comfortable. Some extra pillows can give you extra comfort to help you rest easily to allow your body to heal. You can also arrange to distribute the pillows in the areas you will spend most of your time during your recovery to be easier for you after surgery.

Arrange for a Friend to Come Over

You need to allow your shoulder to heal well, and you might not do any chores. Therefore, it is good to make arrangements for your surgery to have a close friend or one of your family members come over to help you. They will assist you in cleaning, cooking, and doing other basic chores you cannot do during your recovery. Additionally, having a loved one around you at such a time provides emotional support, which is critical for your recovery.

If you have lost mobility in your shoulder, reach out to Dr. Bennet to learn if you can benefit from shoulder replacement surgery. You can enquire about what you will need for your recovery during your consultation appointment to make prior arrangements.

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