When You Look Good, You Feel Good


Aesthetic treatments are increasingly gaining popularity as they make you more comfortable in your skin and body. These aesthetic procedures improve your physical appearance and your emotional and psychological well-being as you feel more confident in your body.  Dr. David Foulk of Marion OB/GYN Inc. will assist you in achieving your happiness and boosting your confidence by understanding your aesthetic goals. He offers a wide range of aesthetic services, including emsculpt treatment, crepey skin treatment, and Sciton laser treatment, to name a few. The aesthetic services they provide are further discussed below.

1.      Emsculpt

Do you want a trim, tight and robust body? Dr. David Foulk got you covered as he provides you with access to the most advanced body shaping technique available today called emsculpt. Emsculpt not only melts your fat but also improves muscle tone. Emsculpt produces the same and even better benefits as hours spent in the gym. Dr. Foulk uses the Emsculpt device to deliver high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) radiation to the muscle you want to target during your treatment. This process causes your muscle to contract in the same way that it does when you work out. The distinction is that HIFEM energy causes a stronger muscle contraction than spontaneous muscle contractions. Your muscle adjusts to this stressful situation by redesigning itself and producing significant effects. The doctor assists you in achieving the body of your desires with this simple, no-downtime treatment.

2.      Crepey skin treatment

What is it that prevents you from feeling at ease and secure in your skin? Dr. David W. Foulk and his dedicated team have a solution for you if it’s your skin. You don’t have to put up with your skin being fragile, wrinkled, and dull. TempSure Envi and ProFractional are two cutting-edge treatments offered by Dr. Foulk to help you alter your skin. TempSure Envi causes a temperature increase by channeling radiofrequency radiation into your skin. This moderate, therapeutic heating stimulates the production of new collagen, the protein that supports your skin and keeps it plump and smooth. ProFractional works by forming microscopic ablation channels in the skin. The body responds by sending healing and regenerative chemicals to these micro-injuries, therefore producing new collagen. Don’t let crepey skin make you feel bad about yourself. Call or arrange an appointment online to learn more about your treatment options.

3.      Sciton treatment

Aging signs, acne, rosacea, and excessive facial or body hair were once difficult, if not impossible, to treat. Dr. David W. Foulk treats and cures unwanted hair and relieves chronic skin issues using the revolutionary Sciton laser. Treatment by Sciton laser involves the dual-wavelength laser’s heat penetrating deep into your dermis to target hyperpigmented spots that you can’t see yet. These lesions rise to the surface, and after a few days, they peel off. The heat from the laser also stimulates the development of fresher, more vital collagen in your deep skin layers, tightening your skin. The Sciton encourages your skin to heal itself from within. Please make an appointment with Dr. Foulk by calling his courteous team to schedule your laser skin renewal, hair removal, or rejuvenation session.

Enhancing yourself through aesthetic treatments and procedures will make you feel the best version of yourself. The best place to achieve this is at Dr. David W. Foulk. Book an appointment now by calling or booking online.

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