Why kicks are important during the tenure of pregnancy?


Counting of kicks gives a feeling of assurance and reduces anxiety in would be mothers. An assuring feeling is provided that things are ok with your baby. You are advised to keep a track of the baby kicks during third trimester of pregnancy and notify your health care provider if things are amiss

The main reasons why counting of baby kicks are important?

When can you start to feel the baby kick is an important concern for a mother? The reason being any change in movement sends out distress signals to a health care provider. The moment mothers are aware that things are ok with a baby they take note of red flags. A lot of babies have been saved on the part of alertness of a mother. They witnessed significant reduction of baby kicks and reported it to their health care provider.

Do you consider still birth a major worry?

Unfortunately this is the case as 24,000 babies succumb to still birth every year in US. From a statistical point of view it means 1 out of 166 babies result in still birth every year. The figure is more alarming in case of African American mothers. Counting kicks of a baby would enable you to eradicate still birth.

The major benefits to count kicks of a baby?

By counting kicks you bond with your baby in a better way. This allows a special time during the day to concentrate on personality and baby movements. It does provide a perfect opportunity to bond with your partner at the same time.

In spite of the baby being active, is there any need to count baby kicks?

An active baby might showcase distress, in a quick manner and without showing any warning signs. Just tracking down the movements of your baby would cut off the guesswork. When would you feel a baby kick is another option to figure out a kick pattern? If there is any major cause of worry discuss with your health care provider.

You can hear heartbeat of a baby via Doppler Effect, but still kicks of the baby need to be felt?

The moment a baby is in distress change heart beats tends to fluctuate. By monitoring kicks at a particular time of the day you can figure out whether your baby is ok. Any change in heart movement would be a case that a baby is in distress. The moment heart slows down things could reach a serious level. The decrease in heart movement and count of kicks would force you to take remedial measures at the earliest.

As per medical experts you can start counting of the kicks by the time a baby reaches around 28 weeks of pregnancy. In case if you are carrying multiples it can start around 26 week. Now what do you consider as a normal kick. Each baby varies in terms of their personality levels. Once you track down kicks it would be easy to figure out what is normal for your little one.

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