Why You Need a Chiropractic Rehabilitation


Conventional medicine is a treatment option everyone has trusted to help improve their quality of life. However, in some instances, your doctor will advise you to contact a specialist like Dr. James Sheehan and his chiropractic team to relieve you from pain. These specialists create personalized treatment plans that focus on improving and restoring their patients’ mobility and function for chronic and acute pains. Musculoskeletal problems do not go away on their own. Therefore, the chiropractic team at Pro Rehab Chiropractic and Rehabilitation will help you lead a pain-free life as naturally as possible, thanks to the latest technologies and treatment options.

The various services these chiropractors provide include:

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It is hard for anyone to bounce back after an injury or illness instantly. Thus, you might require a professional’s help to recover. Rehabilitation, after you have suffered an injury, is a gradual process that aims at helping you recover. Rehabilitation services will help you move again, relearn skills, and regain strength. The services might help you regain the life you had before the sickness or injury, or it could help you learn a different life under new circumstances.

Before rehabilitation, you will discuss your doctor’s goals and tell him what you would like to achieve from the service. As a team, you will set similar goals and work towards getting there. Though rehabilitation takes time, it will eventually be successful. Your doctor will need you to be patient and do your part to attain the set goals.

Your success depends on your participation in the exercises your doctor will recommend. Your recovery is personal. Therefore, you should not despair if your recovery time takes longer than you anticipated.

You might require rehabilitation services if you have had:

  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Surgery
  • Spent a long duration in the hospital
  • Mental illness or any other illness

Work Injuries

Slips, falls, overexertion, and collision with equipment or objects are the most common causes of workplace injuries. You will suffer from non-impact injuries when you exert your energy towards external sources like lifting, pushing, and throwing.

Almost everyone in a physically engaging environment is susceptible to work injuries. However, the most prone to these injuries are firefighters, construction workers, and individuals working in the manufacturing industry.

When you contact a chiropractor, he will treat the injury like any other. Before the treatment, your doctor will diagnose and evaluate your pain’s underlying cause. After evaluation, your chiropractor will use gentle chiropractic adjustments on your various parts of your body or the affected joints. The adjustments help trigger your healing properties making your body start to heal on its own.

When your doctor correctly aligns your spine and joints, he relieves you from your symptoms and improves your motion and life quality. If the spine is your treatment area, the chiropractor will use the advanced PulStar technology to analyze your spine electronically.

Not all treatments require conventional medicine to get you to function normally. For instance, after a long hospitalization from a severe illness or an accident, you will need expert services to help you regain mobility or be trained to live your life differently. You will, therefore, need a chiropractor’s services to help you relive your life comfortably. For more information, book an appointment to talk to your doctor.

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