What You Should Know About HPV


HPV or Human papillomavirus would be best described as a sexually transmitted disease. It has been known to entail approximately 200 viruses. Most viruses would affect the genital area of an individual. It could result in formation of genital warts and cancer. Information from the professional doctors of Orlando HPV reveal that various kinds of HPV infections may not show symptoms.

If you were infected, rest assured to seek medical attention from a professional. However, most conditions could go away with time. The major reason would be the ability of the immune system to fight the infection. It would also eliminate the virus without treatment.

It would not be wrong to suggest that an infection showing no symptoms should not be deemed good for you. Rest assured that symptom-less are more dangerous. Let us find out more about HPV. The information would assist you in understanding different facts to guide you in avoiding the infection. It would also let you know what should be done in case you contract infection.

HPV Affects Several People

People who are sexually active have been most susceptible to receiving the virus. A majority of women suffer from the disease before even reaching 50 years. It would not be wrong to suggest that approximately 20% of adolescence girls contract HPV.

If you get the viruses, you will need to visit a medical practitioner to advise you whether the infection needs medical attention. Never assume that all infections will go away alone. Some can lead to cervical cancer, among other ailments.

HPV Can Affect Your Throat

Although the most common signs are warts in the genital area, the infection can also cause throat hoarseness. This is a rare type of infection known as recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP).

Hoarseness in the throat is a common RRP symptom, but one can still experience chronic coughing and breathing difficulties. In this case, the patient will need surgery. Remember, warts can still come back after some time. Meaning, you will still have to undergo another surgery.

HPV Infection is a Cancer Risk

HPV often causes throat cancer. It is the reason behind the increase in cases of throat cancer. More people who contract HPV develop throat cancer than cervical cancer. A persistent sore throat is the main symptom. You can also experience hoarseness in your throat and pain when swallowing food. People get infected with this virus through oral sex.

One Can Contact HPV via Oral Sex

Mouth and throat cancers are not common. However, people who contract HPV through oral sex have higher chances of contracting mouth and throat cancers. The risk is low. It can affect an average of 80% of sexually active people. This ranges from 14 to 44 years old individuals.

Good Oral Health Can Protect Against HPV

Brushing teeth and maintaining good oral health lowers the chances of contracting the HPV virus. If you brush your teeth well, you will not suffer gum loss or loss of teeth. You can also use mouth wash to keep good oral health. You may want to visit your dentist for more details about how to keep good oral health.

When to See a Doctor

Since not all viruses will have symptoms, you need to see your doctor as soon as you feel any unusual changes in your body. You may also create a routine to visit your doctor for a frequent check-up. This will help you get treatment as soon as possible. For the best result, contact your doctor today and know your health status about HPV infections.

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